Live: The Rise Up Tour – Southampton 10/12/16

9 out of 10

The Southampton stop marked the last date of the Rise Records’ Rise Up Tour, featuring bands of the label. Headlined by Memphis May Fire and consisting of four stellar bands in the genre, this tour has been ripping through the UK for the last couple of weeks and tonight it’s time for Southampton to show them a good time. If the line of youths outside is anything to go by, this tour wasn’t one to miss and although the event is on an industrial estate the names on the bill will bring these fans anywhere.

Kicking off the night, Like Moths To Flames launch into the best-received opening set we’ve seen for a while. Ripping through their set, bounding around the stage and inciting the crowd, it isn’t at all apparent that these are merely the starter of the night. [7/10]


Next up, and easily the heaviest band on the line-up tonight, The Devil Wears Prada take to the stage. Bombarding the crowd with a stellar performance including tracks such as; To The Key Of Everygreen, Born To Lose and Supernova, tonight’s performance was a broad mix from their back catalogue as well as from their newest output; Transit Blues. Jumping around the stage, frontman Mike Hranica seemed to feed the entire set. Proclaiming to the crowd that he was not a Trump supporter, he got an echo of “fuck Trump” back at him. Drawing the set to a close, guitarist Kyle Sipress launched himself into the crowd, straight into a pit and proceeded to finish the last song from there on a sweaty but impressive note. [8/10]


The next band up have been a major selling point of this tour, Silverstein don’t venture over to the UK all too often and to catch them on a tour like this was too good of an opportunity for many to pass up. Having been a band for so long, it’s a sheer testament to their music that they still generate interest such as they do and the hype before they hit the stage was monumental. Stating that they like to play a mixture of their 102 songs and they like to play fan favourites as well as their own, they do just that. This set is pure bliss with tunes like; Ghost, Vices, Smile In Your Sleep and My Heroine. This set is non-stop gold for the fans, with a pit opening several times and the show getting rowdier. Set closer My Heroine had the biggest sing-a-long of the night with everyone shouting the words back at the band, it was a real throwback affair showing this band may have been around a long time, but they’ve got that staying power. [9/10]

img_3494 Rise

When at last the lights dimmed for the final time the excitement in the room became almost a buzz. Taking to the stage, Memphis May Fire let off an arsenal of huge songs, it’s a real mixed bag of songs and there’s something for everyone. Alive In The Lights brings out their first scrum of the night, arms and legs fly in the pit and there’s a huge sense of enjoyment emanating from it. Asking the crowd to sing-to-sing it like it’s their own, Miles Away brings out all the feels and the sound of the crowd is huge. The Sinner brings new life to the pit and things get rowdy. Surging with life, the crowd really give this one their all, throwing back with such a classic from MMF’s back catalogue. The encore; Legacy has us all wondering if the night really has to end, it’s one last time for the band to show us why they’ve gotten this far and why they’re going to go even further. It’s the loudest sing-a-long thus far and such a high note to end on. [9/10]


This show is a real triumph for all bands on the line-up and for Rise Records as a showcase of the talent being cultivated by them.

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