Lock & Key Review – 11-03-16

10 out of 10

Old Boy – Straight from the get go frontman Pearce lets rip with the screams, a high energy set in which he commands the room. Taking to the stage and floor follows this, only spoiled slightly by a punter impersonating a windmill and irritating everyone else. 7/10

Nebraska – This six-piece metal band has not one, but two vocalists, who despite some bands sounding like too much is going on, this is not the case as both Emery and Taylor’s vocals compliment one another and the interaction with the crowd is a sure sign this band just works. 8/10

Griever – Maybe it’s the make-up, maybe they’re born with it? The latter seems more likely as the five-piece rattle through a series of songs that sound as though they should be played in a larger venue. Davis’ complimentary clean vocals paired with Seymour’s growls explore a different sound to the previous bands on the bill, with almost an Asking Alexandria style. It’s clear these guys have the ability to fit on almost any bill. An abundance of breakdowns and head banging, along with Seymour’s ability to work the crowd make this set great. The only sore point in this set is the size, due to technical difficulties it had to be cut short. 10/10

Lock & Key – Rounding the night off, Lock & Key took to the stage and bounded through a series of total bangers. With Lardner’s unique vocals and the excitement and energy the rest of the band show, it was clear this would be a No Holds Barred show. Working the crowd, a small mosh pit starts and everyone in the venue bounces along to song after song. New single ‘Hostile’ provides a moment to show how much of new material the fans know, and they don’t disappoint, shouting along with Lardner. Last song of the night ‘So Alone’ starts with a speech from Lardner about how it is about a disease he had that almost killed him. Things really kick off at this point, with everyone shouting the lyrics back at the band and moshing to the chugging guitars, if there was any doubt that these guys had a following it would be long gone by now. Judging by a small show like this, it’s clear Lock & Key are meant for festivals and bigger stages as a venue this small just can’t contain the energy they bring. 10/10

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