LOVE BUZZ – Crutches [EP]

After renouncing the existence of their debut single 'Sallowed', Hertfordshire's LOVE BUZZ return with a fantastic EP packed with emo, grunge and hardcore influences

8 out of 10

Opening the EP is the rawest-sounding grunge instrumental track of 2017, titled Maureen. The guitar tones from the very start are crunchy and the development of a glazey tone on the lead smooths over the crashing cymbals to make the track settle into the fabric of the EP. Co-frontman Lloyd Carter-Crosby’s vocals on Home come as a good accompaniment to the instrumentation behind him. The grit in his voice brings added depth to the track, and at the 2 minute mark the harsh tones of Alex Went are added to provide a grounding to the lifting melodies. The song also features a guest lead solo from bassist Sam Durham which demonstrates the versatility of the LOVE BUZZ members. Following this is Take Love which begins in a delayed instrumental before the bite begins with Tim Charlwood’s hard-hit drums. The verses are slightly understated before Lloyd’s vocals shine straight through to make a fantastically beefy sound that will be pit-inducing in the live arena.

Fourth track Feed The Sun is a fast-paced track and remains the weakest on the EP, which is definitely saying something. The octave-chord bridge shows off the instrumental prowess of the four-piece in true emo style before breaking into the final track Babygirl which has one of the most fantastic intro riffs and grooves of any track in the genre in the last 20 years. This is clearly shown every time they play it live with the amount of dancing and bouncing about that ensues without fail. Finishing up strong with Alex’s howls as backing, this song is set to be the head on their arrow to success.

Being named after Nirvana‘s first single shows you’re not mucking about and you know your stuff as well as the clear pedigree of influences, and having your debut EP produced by an ex-member of a platinum-selling hardcore punk band backs that up but LOVE BUZZ have come out with a somewhat unpredictably good EP. They sound like they’ve been throwing out tracks into academies for a decade, and this EP could get them seriously noticed on the touring and festival circuits around the UK.

Love Buzz

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