Memoreve – Insignia [EP]

memoreve insignia
9 out of 10

Memoreve – Insignia
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: 21st October 2016

Featuring former members of Power Quest and Dreamcatcher, Memoreve come out the gates with their intense yet beautiful sense of progressive metal. Taking into account groups like Symphony X and Dream Theatre, the band have a sense of creativity to their music which few other bands have after years of performing together.

The most standout instrument for this release is the bass from Matt Hudson which adds some Meshuggah-inspired chug into the band’s sound. For the most part this is the only really conventional heavy instrument but on tracks such as Alleviate, this adds some pure intensity to the band’s style which would otherwise be lacking.

The other instrumentalist who shows their creative side is Adele Pease on keyboards and synthesisers. Her role seems to make the album stick together as a whole. In every sense this is done exceptionally well as with the intros coming at the end of the songs, the album flows into each other like a sprawling epic. This is perfect for the style of atmosphere the group wishes to create and makes the need for a full release to see what they can do with a larger budget that much stronger.

Leaving out the guitar to much of an after-thought is weird. This isn’t due to the fact it has a lack of quality but rather the quality of the other instruments are at that much of a high level they take precedence in the ears of listeners. However, on album closer Alleviate the two guitarists Anthony Quinn and Alexander Green get a chance to shine especially as the play what can only be described as a beautiful lament to close the album. Pure bliss to conclude this release and one which makes for this band to feel that much more important.

The vocalist Colin Callanan makes for a very powerful and emotive sound across the release especially with lyrics on These Reflections with lyrics like “I need the words to carry me to the open ends of serenity”, his style is also of a power metal sounding nature (little surprising as the band features one of the great underground bands in the genre Power Quest) to give this album the perfect level of power and pure bliss. This is a singer who understands how to construct the perfect lyric and to give the best sounding line.

Finally, drummer Ross Lavery does best on title track Insignia as he adds the intensity to the song after the atmospheric build-up of the keyboards. His role within the album as a whole isn’t that noticeable other than to be a control to the pure progression and to control the group to a direction that isn’t just a sprawling creative mess. Their needs to be a control on a group as powerful and creative as this, and thankfully his job is well achieved.

This is either a group who will be massive or tiny, a full record will need to decide. What they will definitely be from this release is a creative and amazing outlet, and thankfully, this EP demonstrates, why this band should definitely be an act to watch in the next few years.

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