Miss May I – Shadows Inside [REVIEW]

6.5 out of 10
Released: 2nd June 2017 Label: Sharptone Records

Ready to bring back the heavy metal prowess in a big way, Miss May I are already hitting a strong batting average with their releases so far and from the looks of the singles they’ve dropped for their upcoming ‘Shadows Inside’ record, its shaping to be an interesting throwback as well as something exciting that you’ve yet to hear from the group.

The album opens with the title track, the band give you something thrashy and balls to the wall to kick off the record, throwing back to their more modern music. The instrumentation hits the nail quite strongly on the head as well as the blend of unclean vocals with the ear catching choruses that are bestowed upon the track. It opens up the album nicely before going into more of a blend of old school meets new school gravitas with ‘Under Fire’ which continues bringing a strong heat to the table with the signature changes for the choruses as well as a more ‘radio-friendly’ structure in its presentation. The band are showcasing a lot more as you move through into ‘Never Let Me Stay’ which moves into a more darker path in some elements. The backing singing works pretty nicely with the melodies that are brought over with the guitar, as well as being a placed to calm yourself down a bit after the hellacious former tracks. Whilst it hasn’t got too much going for it, which can be said the same for ‘My Destruction’, the band take to a lot more of their older influences which you can feel an Arch Enemy vibe from the latter song mentioned.

The record keeps hitting the mainstream metal side of things with the band with how they are presenting the record. You get songs like ‘Crawl’ which tend to get rid of the aggression and pummelling of riffs with a more passionate and anthemic element towards it and whilst it helps with their musical variability, its place on the record feels like it is there just to be a future single. The band start to feel more like a more steroid-inducing Of Mice & Men with some of the ways it shows itself off in the second half with songs such as ‘Casualties’ which blends more chugging rhythm with a more stylised and solo-friendly lead guitar. The band work superbly well together within the whole presentation of the record with there hardly ever being a dull moment on the actual album itself, but when you go from the track ‘Lost In The Grey’ which does a lot of to give you such a lasting impression of what mark they have on the heavy metal/metalcore scene from the previous track ‘Death Knows My Name’ which tends to focus on the more cleanliness side of things as well as being a more live set placement, it makes itself feel overshadowed by the hidden monsters that lurk within the records walls.

The band have had a few years to collect themselves from their previous record ‘Deathless’ to show fans who might have been disheartened from that release. It’s safe to say that they’re flowing along the same pattern as that record as well as the one before that but have made a more lasting impression with this album. The production value makes them feel like giants and will hopefully become more than just ‘another album’ to their fans.


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