All you need to know about Seasick Festival 2016

Seasick Festival is a day of metalcore vs pop-punk held at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, Hampshire, UK. It will take place on Saturday 19th August. The festival aims to raise awareness for Diabetes UK. It will be free to enter the festival and donations will be collected throughout the day. The excellent line-up will guarantee a fantastic day, so without further ado let’s introduce the bands.

In team pop-punk corner.

High Down an obvious contender will be joining the SeaSick Festival line up this year. Originally from Portsmouth, the lads have been described to showcase and explore a ‘new wave’ of pop punk. Already breaking through the masses of home-grown pop punk, High Down were voted by fans to play the introducing stage at Butserfest festival, where giants Mallory Knox and Young Guns are set to headline. Apart from playing kick ass pop punk the band has collaborated with Thai street wear Effort Never Surrender.

Facebook: HighDownUK

Home For The Weekend are a 5 piece band from the South Coast of England. They are a fresh band having only been founded in January 2015. They are also set to play Butserfest alongside High Down.  They have said that their style is hugely influenced by the likes of Neck Deep, Wstr and New Found Glory. The band continue to expand their reach, playing lots of shows and rapidly growing their fan-base.

Facebook: HomeForTheWeekendBand

The Gospel Youth hail from the South Coast and after releasing their EP Kids at the end of 2014 they haven’t stopped. 2015 saw them share the stage with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana as well as releasing new music along the way. In 2016 The Gospel Youth decided to start releasing a single every month via their fan club. They have also toured with Hands Like Houses this year. And now they are gracing Seasick Festival with their pop punk awesomeness.

Facebook: TheGospelYouth

In team metalcore corner.

Prolong The Agony are a band that come from Portsmouth and are signed to In At The Deep Records. Their most recent EP is entitled All We Are released in 2015. The band released their debut EP Make Me Feel Alive in 2011. Following this they were put on Van’s US Warped Tour in 2012 as an unsigned act which is a huge achievement. The band have also previously supported bands including IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, Tonight Alive and Crossfaith. As far as new bands go this is a group that are promised big things and with plans to record their debut album, the skies the limit. Catch them at this year’s festival, as they’re almost guaranteed to get a big reception from the release of their debut album.

Facebook: ProlongTheAgony

Networks also come from Portsmouth and are signed to Viper Trail Records. Their new EP Enough To Save Us, released in 2015, has launched the band to critical praise. This is the debut record by the band and thankfully one that has pushed them leaps and bounds amongst the rest of the scene. This is a group that look set to create a stir within Portsmouth’s scene and with a headlining show at The Talking Heads with support from Vera Grace this looks like a group that can spread to the wider range of UK Hardcore.

Facebook: NetworksBand

Sleepwalker are a five-piece band that feature members of Kill Em Dead Cowboy, The Obsolete and Bare Your Scars. This is a band that have a real sense of mystery about them as they have not officially released any material. However, they have teased what their performance at Seasick Festival will hold with multiple Facebook posts and a short video of their final rehearsal before tomorrow. Last month they played along side Diabolus, Harbinger, Incarcerate and Heritage at Al’Burrito in Portsmouth.

Facebook: SleepwalkerOfficialUK


As well as yours truly, Seasick Festival has the following sponsors.

Death Marks is an independent clothing line and graphic based store, as well as being one of the sponsors for this year’s Seasick Festival.   The company is only a year and a half old, and it’s already getting attention with over 1,500 likes on Facebook. All the prints and designs produced by Death Marks are hand drawn, as well being digitalised in shop. Be sure to check out all their products when you attend.

WANDERLUST will stand beside Death Marks as co-sponsors for this year’s Seasick festival. Originally formed in 2013, it underwent a refurbishment and re-launched last year between a group of friends who share the same love for music and street wear. WANDERLUST and Death Marks have teamed up to release a collaboration project which you will see in the near future, after forming a close relationship with the fellow clothing brand. Check out WANDERLUST’s collection at this year’s Seasick festival.

Wishbone Collective offer the following range:
Wishbone Apparel provides high quality apparel with custom hand drawn designs in house.
Wishbone Records is a competitive online vinyl record distro supplying an alternative music range.
Wishbone Promotions works with both new and established bands at venues based in the local area of Southsea.

Check out the festival’s Facebook event page here.

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