New Blood Youth is coming…

blood youth

After a lot of teasing and mentioning it, Blood Youth are back in the studio.

A post on the band’s Twitter gives an update on their progress:

Two new tracks titled Parasite and Making Waves were played on their Closure tour in October. They told us: “Parasite really takes on the theme of the album we’re going to be recording soon. Parasite is a song that I wrote when I wanted to experiment with songwriting because normally I’d just go out and drink loads of coffee and do lyrics and that. Chris had this riff and this song written out and sent to me and I thought I’d try and write the song a bit intoxicated so I drank quite a lot this one night, wrote a load of lyrics, fell asleep, woke up the next morning and went over to Chris to put together the song. Parasite is all about the feeling you have of being invincible when you’re drunk but it’s a bit dirty as well, hence the name. Making Waves is just about being a rascal on a night out! You can take that as you want…” Read the full interview here.

Who’s excited? We sure are…

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