One Last Run – “Unbreakable” Review

9 out of 10

Being cited as Manchester’s answer to Halestorm, One Last Run certainly has a lot to answer for. This hard rock band been everywhere on social media since the release of their first EP, the only question is; do they live up to the hype around them?

Starting things off, the title track Unbreakable launches straight in the pounding drums and killer power riffs. The moment the vocals kick in, it’s clear this band weren’t just another weak female rock band riding the gimmick. These are some serious notes and the styling is memorable too.  The chorus on this song is a banger and after only a couple of plays I’m singing along, the live shows must be incredible. Creatures of the Night is another well-written tune, not only are the vocals exploring new ranges but on the instrumental side of things it’s a whole new game. A purely instrumental bridge gives the rest of the band a chance to shine and they deliver on all accounts. Reckless is a driving machine of guitar riffs that will have you air-guitaring, and looking for your guitar hero pieces. With shouts of ‘Riot’ it is only imaginable how this would go down in a venue, a perfect track to bounce and mosh to. Run and Hide takes thing down a notch with clean guitar parts and a slightly mellower vibe. The change of pace shows that One Last Run have it in them to be diverse with their sound but can still keep their music recognizable and notable.

Whilst targeting the hard rock market, these guys have been smart; their music is easy listening and can easily appeal to the masses as well. Without a doubt, this band has something and they’ve potential to go miles on the talent they’ve displayed. Should their live shows live up to the energy on track, they will certainly have covered all bases. 9/10

Photo provided by: Sinister Underground Productions

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