OvO – Creatura

7 out of 10

Creatura, the upcoming album from the experimental OvO, is due for release on 9 December 2016 via Dio Drone. As soon as the album opens, the listener experiences the otherworldly sound that defines OvOSatanam is both the latest single and the opening track on Creatura, immediately followed by Eternal Freak. Both tracks delve into the theme of the paranormal, and would not be out of place in a horror movie.

OvO do not stick to traditional song structure, which is what makes them belong to the more experimental and progressive genres, however they are not your typical prog rock group. The sounds they make are definitely heavier and more inspired by metal than traditional prog rock. However, that is not to say that their fan base is solely for heavy metal fans; those who are artistic, creative or who simple enjoy something a bit different might enjoy Creatura.

Although each track is different, there is some underlying repetition in between sections. For example, Matriarcale contains a first theme, an interlude and then returns to the first theme. The drums repeat the same beat, the synths repeat the same pattern but the vocals change over the top throughout the course of the song. Like much heavy metal, the vocals consist solely of screaming. Buco Nero is split into two sections; half the song consists of an instrumental and the other half contains the vocals. What ties the two halves together is the same drum pattern repeated over the two sections. The vocals gradually build over the latter half of the track and eventually the original sound loop is introduced back into the track in the final minute.

Buco Bianco follows Buco Nero. The Italian translates to ‘black hole’ and ‘white hole’, however there is not much similarity between the tracks that indicates a theme aside from the titles. Vocals are not the primary focus of the album. On some tracks, such as Satanam and Buco Nero, the vocals don’t make an appearance for almost a full minute. The focus of the album is not one instrument in particular, it is the mesh of sounds that make OvO what it is. The track that has the most traditional song structure (i.e verse and chorus) is Immondo, which means ‘unclean’ in Italian. This exactly describes Creatura as an album; down to the nitty gritty and unafraid to expose the ugly truth of the world.

As an experimental album, Creatura is a fantastic display of progressive music in the metal genre, something which is not often seen. However, if you are a fan of mainstream or general alternative music, this album may not be for you.


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