Pilosa – Such Animals

8 out of 10

Taking a Minimalistic Synthwave approach mixing it with Indie music Pilosa emit the sound of bands such as LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead and Primus into a new direction entirely, if nothing else can be said about the band is that there extremely inventive and creating something truly innovative.

The sound of a track such as Semaphore takes an extremely atmospheric beat and expands upon it throughout the vocals in the mid-section of the song. The band tend not to deviate from this approach much on the song and develops the track extremely technically. This approach is used on second track Melodramatica but is expanded with a heavier rhythm section from the group’s drummer.

It might seem pretty self-explanatory but with a rap section on Junk Miles which goes into a weird rap section, picture a mixture of Primus with The Mighty Boosh’s crimping style of singing, with an interesting warpy dubstep/pop vocalist (Julie Smith) on the end of the chorus makes for it hard to categorise. The fact that a band as new in their career as Pilosa can emit such an interesting composition as this is just amazing. It might be fair to call them Prog but the band are much more minimalistic in their response than the vast majority of Prog.

What can’t be understated is that other than occasional uses of Julie Smith, John Parker, Paul Piper, and Susy Hall on select songs the band consists of just three members; Gareth Chaplin, Adam Follett and Dan Hilton. The fact that the band can mix the harsh sounds of Industrial with groups such as Nine Inch Nails compared to the lightness and beautiful tones of The Beatle’s (Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band) and then go into a disjointed funk section on Freezing Point with both bass and keyboard playing over it. This is an extreme departure for the majority of the music scene in the 21st Century, but weirdly Pilosa straddle the line between macabre and easily digestible in a way that words that can’t simply describe.

The band go into a full on Skrillex dubstep track for a minute on Dogs Die In Wet Fleeces which if not knowing it was a track it feels like the album is skipping like it is scratched. Weirdly this works incredibly well, and is much more pleasant than words could describe of it. This is definitely a track to check out, as it makes for one of the most interesting parts of the album. An interesting point of contention for any band is of their lyrics with the band using backmasking on Savage Benefactor and listing films being in a space on Total Recall (examples being Citizen Kane, Schindler’s List and Wickerman, the remake) to try to make sense of this is a task that would just be seen as a waste of time as the lyrics remain this obscure throughout the album. This is a perfect choice for fans of creativity.

Words can’t really describe what makes Pilosa so great and in many respects this is their strength, all that can really be stated is that the band have made a Prog album without trying too hard to be alienating to the mainstream fan. If you like creative music, electronic, Indie, or even rap or heavier Punk on sections of songs (such as Interpolate Me) there’s no reason why this band won’t attract you. Give them a shot if you fancy something different, as there’s no group quite like Pilosa (for better or worse).

The album can be found in full on Bandcamp now –

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