Pushing Daisies discuss recent label signing and ‘Stay Sad’ EP re-release [EXCLUSIVE]

Bristol has been making a name for itself in producing incredible alternative bands for years now, and one of the newest names on the block is Pushing Daisies. Nonetheless, the band haven’t taken long to start turning heads, having recently signed to Homebird Records, a UK based independent record label.

Quite how did this come about, then? Well, like any good talent scout, Homebird Records had their eye on Pushing Daisies for a while, and following the release of the music video for Hazel, lead single for their Stay Sad EP, they reached out. “We both agreed it was the perfect time for us to go ahead with the signing after a Skype call”; clearly an easy-working relationship from the start!

Pushing Daisies went on to talk about how working with Homebird Records will take them to the next level. “Homebird Records have already done so much for us and it’s only the start! Giving us the chance to release our first vinyl is amazing and for us it is a dream come true.” This is especially the case for Pushing Daisies who have personally witnessed and become involved in the resurgence of vinyl in recent years. It’s more than just that though. Sometimes, it’s just great to know that someone’s got your back: “having that backing of a label instantly makes you and your band take a breath and think however big or small this opportunity is, there are people out there who do take an interest in you”. Safe to say, the band will be pushing themselves harder than ever.

Stay Sad has recently re-released on Homebird Records, and the band are very happy with it as a showcase of where they are currently. “Stay Sad is 100% us right now.” – and it was no easy deal getting to that stage. The band explained that multiple line-up changes meant the band didn’t really find their feet until their current (and stable) membership having found a new bassist and guitarist. Despite having some material already written, it was the songs that the solidified membership came to write that became Stay Sad: “they were clearly in it for the long run and instantly coming up with songs that we all loved and knew it was the direction we all wanted to go.” And the future? “We’ve been throwing around some ideas for new material, but right now it’s all about Stay Sad.

Pushing Daisies are immensely happy to be able to release Stay Sad on vinyl, saying “to be a part of the vinyl community is amazing!” and reminiscing about the euphoria of outbidding someone for a copy of You Me At Six’s Take Off Your Colours for a “ridiculous amount”. It really means something for the boys to have produced something physical and limited, a monument to this stage in their career.

The song that Pushing Daisies and Homebird Records chose to produce a music video for to re-release is Morning Drive, and the band were keen to talk about why that song made the cut. “Morning Drive feels like a song that a lot of people can relate to lyrically. It’s about me losing a relationship with someone who was meant to bring you up and take you through life. Personally, I know a lot of people who have gone through something similar, so to express this through a song that they can relate to means a lot to me.” Alongside the lyrical content, the band also felt that Morning Driveshowcases our diversity well and gives a good overall look at what is expected with Stay Sad.”

So, what are the band looking forward to in the near future? Of course, they’re hugely excited for their June tour with Dearist. Hitting a lot of cities that they haven’t played before, the band are looking forward to seeing what they offer to the UK’s emo and grunge scene. They are also booked in for their first festival appearance this August at Anchored To The Sound in Plymouth. Aside from that “we also have a couple more tours in the works, and if they pull through we will be over the moon!”

Looking further ahead is understandably hazy for the band, though they have some ideas. “For a while now we’ve known that another EP is definitely what we have coming next. Tour Stay Sad at least until the end of 2016 and then think about going back in the studio for the next record. At this time we don’t think a full-length is the next step for us, but when it comes to it we will definitely know!”

Exciting times are ahead for both Pushing Daisies and their fans, it seems. In signing to Homebird Records, the band have strengthened their foundations to push upwards and outwards into greater territory. You will be hearing more about Pushing Daisies!

The Baby Pink vinyl press of Stay Sad, limited to 300 copies, can be ordered alongside other merchandise athttp://www.homebirdrecords.co.uk
You can listen to or download Stay Sad on Pushing Daisies’ bandcamp: http://www.pushingdaisiesuk.bandcamp.com
Make sure to keep up with the band’s latest news on their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pushingdaisiesuk

You can also get a taste of Stay Sad by streaming it here.

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