Anthrax Have Strange News With New Album

According to drummer Charlie Benante, the Thrash Metal legends might have released their last album with For All Kings (2016) this is due to him fearing he won’t be able to top this and Worship Music as a band. Luckily however he’ not thinking of leaving the band any time soon.

The drummer has stated with EonMusic
“I’m not saying any of us will be missing, but maybe I think that inspiration may not be there. So let’s enjoy it.”
“I didn’t say we’d wrap it up. I just said it may be our last record. That’s how I feel.”

The full interview can be read on EonMusic’s site –

Scott Ian has challenged EonMusic on Twitter for including a clickbait headline by writing on his Twitter
“Don’t let clickbait headlines fool you. There will be more Anthrax records. Cheers friends.”

Whatever happens with the band however it will be interesting to see, it is clear however the band are working as a tight unit and their live show won’t suffer in any way from these comments.

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