Ray Toro – Remember The Laughter [REVIEW]

Bringing something different to the place than what normal My Chemical Romance fans have been probably looking for from ex-members, Ray Toro adds something to the more alternative and indie side of his life as well as a few pop-centric elements included, this might be something that fans of the artist will definitely enjoy. The real question is, how does it fair to the skeptics?

Isn’t That Something’ is the first track off the record and it starts off with something out of a new-wave track with the synth getting the main showing first off. The alternative rock segment comes straight out of the packaging and it doesn’t do much to fully grip you, which is a bit of a shame. The next song seems to pick up a bit of pace more, bringing more theatrics and shows off a more emotional side of Ray’s voice. ‘Walking In Circles’ uses more orchestral sounds and has a subtle sadness in its tone which helps accentuate so much of the track a lot more than the first song did.

The amount of interludes that this album takes is pretty mind-boggling for the average listener. Sure, the songs feed in pretty well into the following track such as ‘Ascent’ does into ‘The Great Beyond’, but its just a weird notion feeling that just over two minutes of the album is dedicated to five individual interludes and that they weren’t slapped right into the song to begin with.  Amongst all that though, you get the shining star that is ‘Take The World’. Sounding like the happiest kid in the world, the song is so melody induced and flowing in such a positive light that it is hard to not smile at this track.

Ray Toro does a lot for this project and whilst it might not be the crown on everyones head, the music is reeking of something different and exciting. Songs such as ‘Look At You Now’ would feel right at place on Radio 1 with its classical approach blended with a very mainstream ambience that runs through it. The wooden xylophone sound during the track as well show off how experimental the record is too, not shying away of using different instruments and bringing something undeniably intriguing.

From front to back, this album is a strange blend of modern rock and pop as well as making some choices a lot of people would scoff at and go ‘this is weird’. On the inside, this record has the making of something special and there are many points that make it exciting, it just feels that bit lacklustre.

Ray Toro - Remember The Laughter

7.5 out of 10
Released: 18th November 2016 Label: N/A
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