Record Store Day 2016

It’s April again, and we all know what that means; Record Store Day! Whether you’re a vinyl head through and through or have just jumped on this bandwagon, this day is kind of like christmas to you. Held every third Saturday in April since 2008, this is a day when independant record stores celebrate their culture with special releases, performances and signings. With music being more and more available every year with advances in technology, it becomes less of a listening experience and more of a convenience. Whilst undoubtedly its great to have a vast span of music at your fingertips through an app, it’s not the best way to support the artist and it lacks somewhat in the collecting aspect. This is drawing more and more people to vinyl, whether it’s because they like to have a physical copy with artwork, a limited edition version or simply enjoy the experience of sitting down and appreciating a full album play through; vinyl would appear to be the answer more and more people are coming to. Whether you waited outside a store since yesterday or ordered online, let us know in the comments below what you managed to grab.

We’ve already been out getting our mitts on some gold today, here are a few things we scored:

Parkway Drive – Horizons

Bring Me The Horizon – Live from Maida Vale

Architects – Lost Forever/Lost Together

Justin Bieber – Purpose

Motorhead – Bad Magic

Linkin Park – Road to Revolution (Live from Milton Keynes)

Muse – Reapers

Desolated – The End

Nasty – Shokka

“Record Store Day is also an excuse to carry on collecting a certain band or album, if a band has released a few variants of a certain album, they’ll likely release a new colour way for the occasion. I variant collect Desolated’s new album, The End – and a German label put out a limited edition cover of the new album up for sale and was a must buy! Plus it was limited to only 25 copies in the world, so that’s an extra special thing for a collector like myself! Was my first RSD aswell, so to get two albums I love (I also got Nasty’s album ‘Shokka’ with a limited /25 Justin Bieber rip cover) was absolutely amazing!” – Daniel (editor)

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