In Requiem – [Self Titled] EP

Can In Requiem's debut EP revitalise rock?

9 out of 10

In Requiem are a group of four hard rockers originating from South Wales on the cusp of releasing their debut, self-titled EP. In Reqiuem will be available on September 9th.

Opening with a confident, chugging riff before breaking down into more intricate guitar work from Owen Fear, it’s a sound that calls back to prolific rock and classic metal acts like Avenged Sevenfold. Adam Fear’s lilting vocals are smooth and paced, demonstrating a good range as he adds more power during the climax of Shelter without any strain. One slight misstep in the opening track, whilst musically sound, is the structure. Relying on a strong chorus without many other memorable elements.

Cope, the EP’s second track begins on a heavier note, with hushed vocals bringing in a darker tone that builds throughout the release. Cope is a more exciting song than it’s predecessor, building an ample supply of energy. The song rocks along to a subtle bass line that keeps everything flowing. The Beast Inside is a foot-stomping song with a fine guitar tone that is highly reminiscent of dark metal acts of the past. It’s no surprise that The Beast Inside contains some of the EP’s darkest themes, and the band handle them without seeming cliché. In Requiem maintain the energy through the release nicely, and will be able to play live shows with great stamina.

Broken furthers the band’s guitar-led sound. It’s a good follower to The Beast Inside, continuing the theme with some interesting and defiant lyricism, but the song does not bringing anything new to the EP technically. Holy Hands finishes off In Reqiuem‘s debut EP in style. The brazen guitar, reserved yet powerful vocal delivery and strong themes finalize a strong brand of rock from In Requiem.

In Requiem is a very impressive debut from the South Wales rockers, taking a formula with a dangerous tendency to become repetitive and stirring it to an inspiring and exciting variety of rock. In Requiem have confidently sidestepped stereotype to write an expertly crafted debut.


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