Retro Youth – B.R.A.V.E [REVIEW]

If you were looking for some strong alternative rock and pop punk blends, then you need to look no further with upcoming act from Manchester. Bringing you the more uplifting and dance side of the genre, similar to Lower Than Atlantis and The 1975, Retro Youth are looking to show off a great selection of tracks and get you boogieing with their debut.

Starting off with the extra bouncy ‘The Lost And Found’, the fun and exciting elements that the band bring to the record is already exemplified by the production that comes through. It’s a great way to open your record with something that would definitely get the crowd jumping as the guitar melodies shine through. Next comes up ‘Hometown Homesick’ which invokes a bit more pizzazz and intrigue, having the same feel of ‘Priorities’ era Don Broco. The vocals aren’t overpowering at all through the track and flow really well with the instrumentation behind it, but as it leads into the more riff centric track and higher vocal octave in ‘Let It Burn’ it brings you another side of the band that you might not have been used to and puts another smile on your face as it gives you something that is full of rock and funk. The vocals might be something you need to get used to after the first few tracks but its change of tone has such a lasting effect not the track that it’s hard to judge. Plus, the solo is a surprising addition and will definitely blow your mind once listening.

Throughout the album, the band push alternative rock harder with the album going in many different motions with their guitar playing. Each track has something that brings out something really special that the band have whether it be the title track which has such a Lower Than Atlantis flavour you would most likely double take to the electronic/orchestral interlude that is aptly named ‘A Brief Moment Of Calm’, the album is somewhat very diverse for a genre you’d expect some strong similarities from. You do get that with this record, but the album seems to blend all those styles together really well and make for such a strong album from an upcoming artist.

All in all, this album is a nice surprise to the early doors of the year from the early doors of a band. Vibrance and positivity in the bands music and instrumentation and it might feel a little bit same-y to your favourite artists, but the styles that are incorporated are near perfect in their execution and give you something to smile about. Expect a great record and tracks from this bands high flying debut.

Retro Youth - B.R.A.V.E

9 out of 10
Released: 3rd February 2017 Label: Independent Ear Records For Fans Of: Lower Than Atlantis / Don Broco / The 1975
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