Review: Blood Youth – Closure

Fire your shrink and listen to Blood Youth’s new EP Closure instead. The guys have been together for 10 months now and are following up their popular debut ‘Inside My Head’ with this therapeutic creation. The four tracks that make up the EP give the listener a sort of therapy. Breathe introduces and sets up the next songs calmly and displays the melodic side to Kaya Tarsus’vocals foreshadowing parts of the 3rd track, Mood Swing which sounds promising to be very successful.

24/7 is the 2nd song and reflects aspects of their first EP while simultaneously showing the growth the band has made. The dynamics of this composition are excellent and although is clearly very personal, it is sure to reach out to a wide empathetic audience. The remaining song, Closure, is just as good as the rest of the EP and stays with the theme of self-discovery and recovery. If Blood Youth carry on improving at the same pace, they are going to keep increasing their success.

The EP is available from the 11th March and check out the video below of the lead single Closure.



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