REVIEW: Cardinal Bay | Answers EP

Brace yourself because Cardinal Bay have some Answers for you with their new EP. Starting with the title track Answers you are eased into the CB musical dome. It is extremely well thought out right down to the last detail. With melodic vocals laid over the top of counterpart screaming vocals substantiated with an undeniably strong drumming from Matt Ward.

This style of drumming is evident again in Masquerade which -although would still be a good song without – relies on Ward’s skills to make to track great. There is one line from this track that is guaranteed to stay with you is ‘Hell No, we won’t suffocate here’. The third track on the EP, #Shotgun is a fairly generic pop-hardcore song. The track takes a call and response structure with nice guitar work versing worthy vocals that are vamped up to the next level as Josh Rogers slips into heavier screaming at appropriate times.

For epic instrumentals and stunning vocals, listen to the last track on the EP, There Are No Flames in Hell. This song takes you on an entertaining journey of accreditation and certainty through its confident lyrics and assured execution. This song opposes the rest of the EP, it drops the call and response feel for a more together impression all coming to an abrupt yet conclusive end as if to say, ‘that’s it, there’s your answers’.

Last but not least is the second track, Out of Sight is a song that is pretty much left up to your own interpretation. Lyrics describing how solidarity can conquer can applied to almost any situation. Musically, the track has some fantastic parts including a significant moment a minute before the end where guitar, bass, drums and vocals all seem to unite in an instant of glory.

Answers has an assertive ambiance throughout performed with conviction by every single member of the band.
It gives you the sense that Cardinal Bay have found where they want to be and want to share their answers with all their fans and anyone else who will listen. It is an EP the boys should be proud of.


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