REVIEW: Despite My Deepest Fear | Basingstoke – 14/1/16

8 out of 10

Despite My Deepest Fear recently took a tour of the UK with Exist Immortal, joining them for their Basingstoke date at The Sanctuary was Grey Haven, Sincerely Yours and Until Thunder.

Until Thunder showed that despite being first on they were determined to get the night started, yet they struggled to get more than just a head bob from the crowd. Part way during the set the small amount of lighting in the venue went out, undeterred they ploughed on and showed they have potential in this scene that they have yet to attain.

Sincerely Yours, from Reading, were next to take to the floor the overall tightness of the whole band quickly drew more crowd participation and even a few sing-a-longs. The energy of the band as they jumped through their set seemed unending and it’s clear they have the passion that is so needed in this industry.

Taking slot 3 were Grey Haven, who with their predominately clean vocals provide a break from the more aggressive style of the previous bands. A noticeable high in the set came from Mutiny off of EP The Flood and a noticeable number of the crowd seemed to pay close attention to them. More involvement from the front man would be welcome in drawing in the crowd, yet they’ve shown that musically, Grey Haven are ones to keep an eye on.

With the introduction of a strobe light, Exist Immortal make their appearance. Whether it’s the whole band head-banging in sync or the crowd clapping along with some encouragement of front man Meyrick, they sure put on a heck of a show. The rehearsals before tour were obviously paying off, as they were untouchable as a unit and provided a real high point in the line-up thus far. Darkness of an Age provides some real belters on and off of the album and they clearly put themselves above most bands in the live circuit.

The band of the night, Despite My Deepest Fear, kicked things off hard and fast with both vocalists throwing themselves into the songs, title track Selfish Generation was the song that truly set the bar for the night with some singing along and even a few members of the crowd head banging along. Despite the small amount of floor space, the two front men bounced around with the energy of a band that should be playing far larger venues. Choruses on songs like Vixen showed that they are a band that is punchy as well as catchy with the power to stir up mosh pits in even the quietest of towns. Whether they know it or not, songwriting like this last EP and shows like this, will only lead them on the up and up.


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