REVIEW: Highlives EP Misguided Youth

7 out of 10

Highlives – EP Misguided Youth

Release date: 11/12/15

Record Label: Self Released 




It wouldn’t be a shock if you could hear the tired sighs of music fans everywhere as they come across another Pop Punk band. Pop Punk bands are surfacing from all over the gaff since the start of 2015. However, once upon a time, UK pop punk was unheard of, and you could say unable to keep up with the US, but with bands like Neck Deep and now WSTR, who are just as good as their American counterparts, are an example of what can be achieved. Bands like Neck Deep have inspired the masses, and therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that there has been a huge rise in UK home grown Pop Punk

Bristol quartet, Highlives, prove that they can stand on their own with the release of their new tremendous EP Misguided Youth, which is a must have for any Pop Punk fan, and available to download for free and their band camp page http://

Right from the get go, EP Misguided Youth opens with a banger, Wake Me Up. While listening, there are noticeable A Day to Remember vibes, which showcases talent and proves that the Bristol lads can perform just like the big guns. Heavy Weight is up next, with drums as the backbone, the melody from the guitar riffs sets a youthful scene from the momentum, where every moment seeks to make the chorus that much bigger. While Twenty Two, in contrast to the first couple of tracks on EP Misguided Youth, is a treasure. Slow and lyrically gripping, the vocals pull the listener left, right and centre on an emotional journey. The track then builds up, showing great musicianship and diversity. As we come to the end of the EP, Walking Blind, a melody driven track brings the listener back to life and just makes you want to bounce along. The EP closes with Better Days, which doesn’t mess around, it is filled with fast paced guitar action and heartfelt lyrics which grow on you instantly.

Every song is a swing after another, Misguided Youth is short but surely sweet and is as guiltily satisfying as you’d expect any feel good, Pop Punk effort to be. Within the sub-genre it’s become a battle to be heard. So get to it and hit that download button.

There’s not much more you could want from a Pop Punk EP, raspy vocals, check, dejected lyrics, check.


Pop Punk is not dead. It’s at its best.

Don’t miss out, and catch Highlives headline The Flapper, Birmingham 8/01/16 with awesome support from, Thank the Academy, Coast to Coast, Mind Step and Lying for Friends.

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