REVIEW: Hit The Lights | Just to Get You Through EP

Hit the Lights new acoustic EP, Just to Get You Through is the perfect thing to re-introduce some of the bands most loved songs. The whole EP has an almost tranquil feel to it while at the same time still managing to hook the listener with catchy riffs and melodies. The acoustic versions of their hits take absolutely nothing away from the original tracks maintaining their captivating edge.

Drop the Girl was one of the biggest successes from Skip School, Start Fights and again, this track certainly stands out on this EP as well. It is a toe tapper and impossible not to sing along with Nick’s absorbing vocals. One of their older songs Save Your Breath was the first song idea that Nick brought to the band and so, fittingly, it is included on the track list. The acoustic version of the song actually progressively shows how Hit the Lights have improved and matured over 10 years. This song is a fantastic homage to their growth and shows off how well they gel together and how they have developed.

The opening track Blasphemy Myself and I instantly lays the ground for the rest of the EP. It shows the depth to Nick Thompson’s vocals and portrays light and darkness faultlessly. A good choice to pull the listener in. Fucked Up Kids andSummer Bones are tracks that brilliantly show off the bands technical musical skill. They just work. Every element that builds up the compositions are just genius and like gold to listen to. The EP ends with brand new song Lighthouse which isn’t exactly an acoustic track but would seem out of place on another HTL album. The track actually works really well with the other tracks on Just to Get You Through. It is slightly different to anything else the band have released before and gives a sincere and vulnerable end to the EP.

Just to Get You Through is so much more than just an acoustic EP. It’s a chance for fans to reflect back on HTL’s work. It’s the ability to prepare for future releases, like Lighthouse, and move forward with the band. It’s a way to feel connected with HTL in a way they never have before.


Listent to Lighthouse below and pre order the EP out 6th May here.

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