REVIEW: One Gone Thus | Impermanence EP

One Gone Thus will hit your ears on the 3rd June with their debut EP Impermanence. First impressions of the EP are promising, the duo have been honest about how experimental their sound is and this is confirmed with Impermanence.

The first track, Self and Soul is a nice introduction to OGT and nicely shows their solid technical capability. The lyrics and vocals on the track have excellent potential however aren’t made prominent enough.
‘You have everything to mourn when you have nothing left to lose. And how often we forget the ones we love the most are dying too.’
The vocals switch from light to shade in a very clever way, it’s just a shame that this is not made the most of being drowned out by the distraction of a mediocre synthetic sound.

Fortunately, the vocals in the second track The Girl Who Turned to Stone are slightly more in the spotlight allowing for a better listener connection. The best part of this song, by far, is the breakdown. It’s built up of a buoyant drum beat backed up with encouraging guitar work and topped off with charismatic vocals.

The remainder of the EP takes on the more conventional rock sound, and does it well. I Disappear marks the half way point in the EP with a fairly stripped down composition. Although this track isn’t ground-breaking or a particularly stand out piece, it does offer a needed variance to the EP. I Disappear is followed by the charming piano intro of the fourth track, Porcelain. The piano is accompanied by foreboding vocals that draw you in instantly. This calm introduction leads into a heavier resonance that is held throughout the rest of the song.

Impermanence is rounded up with Watch Me Change, a song that has a classic rock feel to it. This track displays the musical ability of OGT well with great guitar riffs, passionate and poignant vocals all complemented with excellent drums and bassline that offer a solid beat.

All in all OGT have created a good debut EP that shows promise of great things to come. Despite Impermanence being somewhat chaotic in terms of genre, there are moments throughout that hold aptitude and demonstrate One Gone Thus’obvious talent.


Listen to Impermanence for FREE from 3rd June here and check out the Self and Soul lyric video below.

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