REVIEW: What really happened when Blink 182 played an acoustic show at Kingston.

10 out of 10

What do you get if you play Blink-182’s Greatest Hits album on a shuffled playlist to a crowd of 250 anxiously waiting pop punk fans?

Well, 250 pop punk fans who still can’t believe that in a couple of minutes, 2 of 3 Blink-182 members will be playing a short acoustic set right in front of them.

Ahead of the release of the Pop Punk trio’s seventh album California on July 1st, bassist Mark Hoppus and the newly-recruited guitarist (Alkaline Trio’s very own Matt Skiba) announced they would play two very intimate acoustic shows in Rose Theatre, Kingston for Banquet Records; the show sold out online in under two minutes!
Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba almost literally began to bounce off each other as arrived onstage for which the crowd had waited so very patiently, and immediately the crowd began to chant “Skiba“, which causes Mark to facetiously sulk and say “I can’t do this”.
There was noticeable a sense of confidence and faith in the air that Matt was the perfect person to replace founding guitarist Tom DeLonge. With no introduction needed they jumped straight into Family Reunion, a crowd favourite, which fills the room with glee and a lot of swearing along with the track. Rock Show was next, followed by I Miss You and, although Matt muddled up the lyrics on the first verse, he definitely made up for it at the end with the glorious harmonies that the pair pulled off towards the end. Matt’s vocals complemented Mark’s, and it was amazing to watch.
Although there was slight technical issues with Mark’s bass, the crowd interaction was a time filler worth every penny, which led to the duo writing a brief song on the spot about Kingston, Matt’s hat and how Mark “isn’t fat anymore”.
Bored to Death lived up to the expectations of the fanatical crowd with a more +44 sound than Blink, and definitely did not disappoint, despite it only being one of the first outings for the track since its release just weeks ago.
After thanking everyone for coming out, Blink-182 confess that originally the show was only intended to be four songs, however they chose last minute to play a couple more as an encore; Stay Together For The Kids was obviously special with the emotive content coming across fantastically in the acoustic setting, new track Built This Pool was added and was 1 minute of pop punk heaven and to finish up, the classics All The Small Things and Josie were dusted off.
With the whole crowd singing at the top of their lungs, it’s safe to say the world has missed Blink-182, but we don’t have to wait much longer, with their new album hitting the shelves in a month and Mark sharing that they’ll be back with Travis next summer which should be incredible!
So for those who didn’t think it wouldn’t be the same without Tom, or those who knew Matt was going to be amazing, I am now telling you, Blink 182 are back, and they’re better than ever!
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