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Meet Vexxes On ‘Common Ground’: Alt Rock Newcomers Release Debut EP

6th May 2016: Leeds Alt Rockers Vexxes have released their collection of mini-anthems that is debut EP ‘Common Ground’. Going against the grain of the ‘safe route’ by continuing to pursue their musical aspirations in this new project, vocalist Tom Fieldhouse states that: “A lot of our lyrics address those internal and external conflicts. In fact, the entire EP is based around a ‘common ground’ of issues that everyone goes through at some point; there’s a linear theme that runs throughout every track that we feel people will relate to.”

Vexxes (completed by guitarist Max Oliver, drummer Shreedhan Vaidya and newly added bassist Sam Whittle) are giving their all to avoid getting stuck in the “hell of a daily grind”: “There’s just nothing better than playing live!” Tom exclaims; “Between us, we’ve played everything from large venues and concert halls, to squats and youth hostels around mainland Europe. The feeling you get when you see people singing your songs back to you is so amazing; it’s addictive. Also, who doesn’t want to be in a band, touring and playing every night?! We’re in a massive digital age of music, some people say it’s oversaturated and that live music is ‘dead’ – but we just think it’s really exciting!”

Boasting a penchant for big, driving tunes, Vexxes debut EP Common Ground is a collection of rousing anthems; solid guitar licks locked in tight with driving rhythms to create a platform for Tom’s soaring vocal melodies. The EP Common Ground opens with track, Lead Us Home, Vexxes have no time to waste, as the killer guitar melody begins seconds after you press play leading up to an explosion as all instruments come together. The vocals are the icing on top and cement the song together. As the song enters the bridge, a climax is created by the guitar lead then bringing us back into the chorus louder than ever. Up next, Convictions, begins with a false start and jumps straight into the verse, vocals are stronger and clearer than the opener track, and they stand out. Lyrics ‘You gotta have faith in me,’ is repeated towards the end and welcomes the opportunity for crowd interaction. The Drums create suspense before the band go back to the chorus. Every Thing I’ve Ever Known starts off quite funky and quiets down as soon as the vocals come in during the verse. The track progressively gets heavier as it nears the chorus, towards the end of the song a breakdown is attempted, which clearly shows the bands ability. Every Thing I’ve Ever Known, is the heaviest track on EP Common Ground. Enemies is the last song on the EP, and its one to remember. Vocals are noticeably sassy in the verse, which complement the instruments playing. The chorus is catchy and has the potential to be huge.  7/10


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