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Brand new post progressive metal band RIVIẼRE have released their debut LP Heal today. This French four-piece experiment across a range of rock genres to deliver a record filled with lengthy and melodic pieces. The band take influence from the likes of Deftones, Tool and Cult of Luna.

From the beginning of the first track New Cancer, there is an ambiance of something great. The instrumental introduction creates an overwhelming feeling that something magical is about to happen. As the suspense builds the listener is left imagining what the rest of Heal must offer. Before you know it, the instrumental is seamlessly joined by melodic rock vocals. Although these vocals come across effortless it does not take away from the passion that is injected. This successfully puts the audience at ease making for a comfortable, easy listening experience. The eight and a half minute long opening track includes everything you would expect in a whole EP never mind just one song.

The third track Symbol has a slightly different mood to what has previously been presented on LP. This song takes a more relaxed approach and leaves the bassline exposed. However, it is obvious why RIVIẼRE have chosen to do this as the bass work is fantastic. This was a genius idea that really pays off and shows that the band have their own style to express. The rest of the band do a solid job of appropriately backing up the bass. Despite subconsciously being drawn to the bass, the elements of this song allow for each instrument to have their moment to shine including an epic saxophone solo which is fantastic to hear.

By track five, Cobalt, the LP is – unfortunately – in danger of becoming monotonous. This could either be a very good thing, if the listener loves slow melodious rock and are in the right mood. However, if the audience is seeking something unpredictable and varied, this could be the point they crave a different artist. At just under three minutes long, this track is by far the shortest on the record which could be just what is needed to keep the listener’s attention until the penultimate track, Binary Love.

The final song Yosemite lies 10 seconds short of being 10 minutes long. In this time RIVIẼRE emphasise the sound they have shaped throughout Heal. There is an excellent guitar solo toward the end of the song with is a riff nothing quite like you have ever heard previously. Before you know it, you are wound down to the end of this marathon track and, therefore, the end of the entire LP. All in all, it is a nice round up to the RIVIẼRE experience leaving no unanswered questions and giving a feeling of satisfying completion.

It is clear that this record has had a lot of time spent on it in order to craft a prominent sound. Heal is a fitted song to music lovers who love just that, music. People passionate about musical skill and abilities will immensely enjoy this LP as well as other metal and progressive rock fans who are looking to expand their musical encounters.


Check out the video for the second track on the album Golden Wounds below.

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