ROAM / Like Pacific / Columbus – Live @ Exchange, Bristol (23/11/16)

A night filled of pop punk and alternative rock was set it motion for Bristol* as The Exchange sets up for a night of stage dives, crowd singalongs and a few mosh pits here and there.



Kicking off the night was local talent Tuskens who broke straight out onto the stage with a ferocious sound, albeit sounding a bit muddy at the start due to the mixing. They pulled a lot of new faces in to watch them bring something spanning their three year career from older tracks such as ‘Ten Years Old, Twelve Years Now‘ all the way up to now. With a bit of a rocky start, the vocals power through and for those thirty minutes, they show Bristol why they are a great part of the underground pop punk scene.

Rating: 4/5



Bringing the Australian heat with an alternative rock edge to their pop punk finesse, the three-piece are currently going through their album cycle for the recently released ‘Spring Forever‘ and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. The newer tracks such as ‘Raindrop‘ and ‘Summer Dress‘ showing their presence and having such a great guitar tone to back it up. Coming to the other side of the world and bringing their craft might be a tall feat for other small groups, but they didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Rating: 4/5



Pop punk tends to be about two things; emotional struggles and having fun with friends. This band brought both of these things in spades and the Canadian group knew how to make themselves the best band of the night. With a lot of songs coming from their latest record ‘Distant Like You Asked‘, it made their set that more modern with the emotional track of the night ‘22A‘ getting a big reaction from fans. Taking a small dose out of their self titled EP with ‘Clarity‘, the band started to make their close with the final tracks ‘Distant‘ and a surprising return of hardcore-laden ‘Stay Pissed‘ to show off one of the best up and coming bands in the game today.

Rating: 5/5



Now it’s time for the headliners who are cementing themselves as a great staple in UK Pop Punk. With the new album ‘Backbone‘ being the main forefront of this bands tour, the tracks have such a fiery tenacity that in this tiny room, it brings out the best of everyone. Scanning their discography with tracks from their EP’s ‘Head Down‘ and ‘Viewpoint‘ made their set a great variety of old school mixed with new school.

A few highlights from the set was when they did a full-band version of their acoustic laden track ‘Tracks‘ with the lights dimmed down and phones/lighters in the air, it changed the mood dramatically for the better, then they threw in a nice little cover of ‘Basket Case‘ by Green Day for good measure to throw a nice little taste into everyones mouth. Make no mistake, they showed off what the UK has to offer besides the more well known acts in the genre and they’re doing them proud.

Rating: 4.5/5

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