Rock Am Ring: An Update

After the festival was struck by lightning in the early hours of yesterday morning, Rock Am Ring organisers have postponed the festival. In a statement, they said (translated roughly from German):

Rock am Ring ends on the second day Dear festival visitors , Rock am Ring has to be ended prematurely after the second day because of the weather warning on Sunday the municipality meaning the license for the final day of the festival withdrew today on Sunday. Responsibility for the welfare of the fans, the organizers accept this decision. On the first day of the festival more than 80 visitors were injured by lightning strikes in part and admitted to hospital . Because of the risk situation, we ask you to go back home by Sunday noon, 12:00 pm after finishing the performances. We regret the decision hugely, however, we ask you to understand this urgent situation which is due to the bad weather.

Over 50 people were taken to hospital in the incident, with 8 severely injured but we have heard reports of most of these being in a stable condition.

We at Musicology wish everyone injured all the best, and everyone affected by the incidents our deepest condolences.

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