Rosen Bridge – Track By Track Feature of ‘Dreamcatcher’

With only a few more weeks before Rosen Bridge drop their anticipated EP ‘Dreamcatcher‘, the band are here to give you an idea of the story behind each track. You can check out the song meanings, written by vocalist Antony Jones, below!

Dreamcatcher: It’s about feeling trapped in somewhere you don’t want to be and hitting that point where you’re ready to lean into big decisions in life, the change and the opportunity.  It’s about that moment when you take responsibility for your own destiny and start fuelling yourself on determination. This is echoed in the instrumentation as well, the riffs in the song have a fast tempo and we wanted this to evoke a motivated feeling for the listener, for them to want to cut out the bad shit in their life and focus on what makes them thrive. As cheesy as it sounds, the song’s generally about making that change, for the better, with the music adding some colour to the canvas. A 9/8 breakdown in the middle section with a straight throw-back rockbeat over the top is an opportunity for us to let loose and really show the passion in the song, which is something we want the live crowds to feed into as well. A half-time groove for the chorus section in the track also adds some relief from the relentless pace of the riffs and gives some space for the big vocal hook to take centre stage.

Hold On: This is essentially our first radio friendly track where we wanted to reveal some of our more punky influences.  We keep the momentum going from the opening track but with a slightly bouncier vibe. The first clean sections of the EP make an appearance and show a lighter side to the band, without compromising any of the power of the heavier sections. Lyrically speaking, the song is an extension of Dreamcatcher, but further along on that journey. It’s about the realisation of your power to change and embrace your newly found confidence, about feeling great and pulling others up with you. The instrumentation of the song takes it a few minutes to form a backdrop for the catchy vocal hooks and melodies in the track; the chorus and middle 8 sections in particular, are vocally driven to emphasise message and vibe of song.

Never Grow: The premise of this song was born from dark place a few years back, when I looked at the world differently. Without trying to emphasise the melodrama, ‘Never Grow’ is all about a when you hit a wall and become frustrated by always making the same mistakes.  The mood of the music matches the vocal content and follows a dark and moody path which builds up to a big heavy crescendo, with a haunting vocal over the top of a huge half-time breakdown. This section has crowd chants written all over it… “Never – Grow”, which is what we want to hear when we’re throwing it down live. Essentially though, the lyrics in the song are an ode to the friends around you, who support you, despite your differences and how thankful you are when this happens.

Brand New: Arranging this track was great for the band; the challenge of blending the big, heavy sections with the lighter sounding melodies was difficult, but we enjoyed the A-tonal elements of this too much not to include on the EP. Following on from ‘Never Grow’, ‘Brand New’ hits you hard with a blast beat to get you started. This track is the heaviest on the EP and we’ve loved performing it live so far in our set. The stripped back vocal sections in verses reflect on the darker feel of Never grow before developing alongside the instrumentation. The vocals start to take on a new tone, mirroring on the overall positive feel of the EP, pointing towards your friends and family as the source of your strength. We decided on ending the song with a bang and threw in a huge 8-string section, tuned to A sharp (one octave below) and we absolutely love seeing people lose their minds when they hear this live. Brand New pulls together all of the themes from the earlier tracks and intensifies them, matched by the music, which is why saved this one for last.           

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