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Sainte debuts first single ‘Technicolor’

Sainte, the new project from Tay Jardine, has debuted its long-awaited first single, Technicolor. Speaking of the track, Jardine says “I think technicolor is a really good representation of our sound. When writing these songs, the vibe was different than what we were used to immediately and we continued to move forward in that way.”

The accompanying video for the song is fittingly a colourful affair, “I’ve never had that much fun shooting a video,” says Jardine. “Raul (Gonzo, director) really brought the song to life in the perfect way. I mean, how could you not have fun attempting to ride a bike on a treadmill,  while trying to focus on remembering the lyrics to a new song?!… and for the record, the cake was lemon flavored, so that just added to the fun…also distracting.”

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