Sertraline – Bury the Ghosts Review

8 out of 10

Sertraline are a female fronted, rock/metal 5-piece band from Stoke-on-Trent, and no, they aren’t Paramore, Part 2.
Starting out in 2014, adverts were put out for a vocalist to join the band and complete the line-up. Front woman Lizzie Parry responded to the ad, and thus, the band was formed.

Their first EP, Bury the Ghosts, was released at the start of February 2015. Growling bass lines signal the introduction of Dead Set, a very solid first song. Lead vocals show that Parry sure has some pipes on her. Backing male vocals provide a harsh feel that round the sound off quite nicely – a promising start for this young band. Mean to Me begins with howling guitars, before it becomes a chugging machine with plenty of high-energy moments, ready to open a pit. The “Woahs” lead into a breakdown before the guitar solo, which is the standout moment of this track. The flow achieved during this song is a real victory.
Ballad Colours showcases a more delicate side of Sertraline, with an acoustic guitar that makes an appearance while Parry’s vocals take the spotlight it’s clear they can command.
Despite taking a step down from the urgency and heaviness of previous songs, this is one of the strongest tracks on the EP and shows the diversity they have as a band.

Parry and the boys go straight back into it with Set the World Alight. This is a real belter. Gang vocals form a chorus that just begs to be shouted along to. The chug of the guitar and multiple breakdowns in this track mean it’ll be one to mosh to at a show. Mellowing slightly at the bridge, a brief break is given before bouncing back into the swing of things and hitting another breakdown.

Looking at the EP as a whole, it’s one that has a few truly great tracks on it, but it’s definitely something to build on with their next release. The songwriting here is clever and the band have shown their ability to work in different directions. We’re sure that Sertraline’s next release will be another step in the right one.


Sertraline is:
Lizzie Parry – Vocals
Daniel Henderson – Bass
Mike Hawkings – Guitar
Tom Wilson – Guitar

Drums – TBA


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