Shaman’s Harvest – Red Hands Black Deeds

8 out of 10

Following on from their 2014 record Smokin’ Hearst & Broken GunsShaman’s Harvest have released Red Hands Black Deeds. The success of their previous record smashed over 30 million streams and put them on tour with Black Stone Cherry and AC/DC.

Opening with a prelude, the listener is already hyped for something big. Broken Ones is the first full track, opening with a catchy bass riff which carries on throughout the song. If the rest of the album is to be judged from this track, then Shaman’s Harvest will definitely deliver! As well as the bass riff, the track also delivers a killer guitar solo. Following Broken Ones is another riff heavy track, The Come Up. There are clearly heavy Black Stone Cherry influences at play in these two tracks, but with Shaman’s Harvest‘s own twist. There are also some mild country influences here, which isn’t surprising considering the group are originally from Missouri.

A Longer View brings a different sound in again, as a slower track. It’s still riff centric, but dialled back to focus on vocals. There is also the introduction of piano here, bringing in a softer feel. The vocals are also more passionate and raw when compared to the other tracks on the album so far. A Longer View has provided a good break in genre to catch the listener out and ensure they are paying attention. Similar to this is acoustic track Tusk and Bone, which sounds more like acoustic pop and would probably make the UK Top 40.

The second half of the album seems to be a mish mash of various genres, which all seem to work together because of the Shaman’s Harvest unique sound. The listener is fully immersed into the rock-country genre in Off The Tracks, which works really well as a track on it’s own, but ties in really well with the rest of the album, down to the producer Keith ArmstrongThe Devil In Our Wake is the heaviest track on the album, combining guitar and bass riffs in with heated vocals similar to the likes of Nickelback. However the group would not be out of place at a festival such as Download.

Altogether Red Hands Black Deeds is a fantastic album which encompasses a variety of genres without losing itself along the way. Shaman’s Harvest have clearly worked hard on it and produced something of a high quality. The stand out track because of the genre mix is easily Tusk and Bone.

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