Silverstein – Dead Reflection

7 out of 10

Dead Reflection is the eighth full length album from Silverstein, and is due for release on 14th July via Rise Records.

Launching right into their new album, Silverstein immediately grab the listener’s attention with a catchy riff in opening track Last Looks, which combines heavy rock and post hardcore. Last Looks clearly takes influences from A Day To Remember‘s latest album Bad Vibrations, which has moved away from the pop punk genre and more towards post hardcore, incorporating some elements of metalcore. Following this, Retrograde takes much of the same sound. Another riff centric piece that grows into something heavier, Retrograde introduces the listener into a heavier, deeper side of Silverstein than previously seen.

The album changes again in track three, Lost Positives. The chorus has more of a spaced out feel to it, following from the heaviest riff seen so far in Dead Reflection. To achieve this, the production on this album has been done to perfection, each instrument has a place in the balance of the mix and can be heard even on tiny speakers.

The first track that really interrupts the flow is Ghost, which is not a bad thing. After three tracks that meld flawlessly into each other, the listener is suddenly jarred to attention for Ghost. With a traditionally more metal riff, the post hardcore vocals come as a surprise. The chorus, is of course, spaced out with half time drums, which seems to be Silverstein‘s signature for Dead Reflection.

Aquamarine starts out by sounding more pop punk but moves into something post punk, and actually sounds like Yellowcard for the first half. When the bridge arrives, the instruments get heavier, and the vocals more heated, showing the musical talents of the group. However, the chorus goes back to the post punk sound after the bridge. The heated vocals sound like Frank Carter, and make lead singer Shane Todd sound completely different. This vocal style is repeated later in the album in Demons.

The first slow track on Dead Reflection is Mirror Box, which embraces the post hardcore genre, whilst still maintaining an almost ballad like feel to the majority of the song. It’s a song that lyrically a lot of people will probably relate to as they talk about lost love, and is the first truly different track on the album as it’s not solely based around a riff.

The second half of the album sounds a little boring as the songs channel much of the same vibe as the first few tracks, there’s nothing very new at this point. Fans of Silverstein will enjoy the album, but the casual listener will probably get bored. It begins to pick up again at Whiplash, which is the first track in many with a different riff distinguishable from the rest of the guitars. However by this point, the album is almost over the casual listener has probably already started doing something else.

Finally, Wake Up is the first truly different track on Dead Reflection. It’s one of the few slow tracks, starting with one guitar and soft vocals. Building up through the pre chorus with the introduction of the second guitar and some harmonised vocals, the listener expects a full heavy chorus but doesn’t get one. It’s a song that changes what listeners perceive Silverstein to be.

Overall, Dead Reflection has a few innovative tracks but most of the album feels quite safe, considering content that Silverstein has released before. It would be great to see a lot more variety, we’ve seen Silverstein perform covers on Punk Goes Pop so listeners know they are capable of performing a variety of styles.

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