Sioux Falls, All Talk Is Small Talk [EP]

7 out of 10

Pop-punk newcomers Sioux Falls are releasing their debut EP on the 30th of this month. The collections of songs are well thought out and work very well together. There have been some excellent choices made in regards to the structure of the EP All Talk Is Small Talk. This band are presenting to music world with new ideas concepts and perceptions.

All Talk is Small Talk starts off with a short but effective introduction. Pitstarter does exactly what it says on the tin. A heavy opening chord progression will have listener raring to get up and mosh wondering when their next live gig is. Anticipation builds over a minute and halts at just the right point leaving you eager for the next track.

The listeners zealous cry is met with Heart and Home and you are not left disappointed. Although, still very rough around the edges, there is a path and a determined sound that seeps through. Vocalist Callum Middleton would benefit from taking a more relaxed approach as unfortunately his enraged singing comes across somewhat fake giving the impression he is trying too hard.

Thankfully Middleton redeems himself with I Fell Faster where his talent is evident. This is a very nice song that ticks all the boxes of a successful slow pop-punk song. The light and dark shades of the song are beautifully displayed with subtle shifts in tone. Alfie Butcher’s drumming is a hidden gem that pushes the track to be better and would not be the same without it.

The fourth track Stutter is where this EP comes alive and potential starts to become apparent. There is a fantastic blend of the modern pop-punk sound like Neck Deep and undertones of melodic 00s pop-punk components. Stutter is a breath of fresh air to the pop-punk genre with insane guitar work that works extremely well within the song. This is also the first time you take notice of Michael Long’s bass playing as it successfully accompanies the drumming providing a solid ground.

The final offering on the EP comes in the form of That’s How It Seems to Me. This is a great song to finish on as it wraps up everything that has been heard throughout. It also shows a lot of promise for future releases from Sioux Falls by demonstrating they are capable of interesting ideas. If they continue to experiment like they have done with this track, then they are certainly skilled enough to make an impact on the pop-punk scene.

Sioux Falls have created a group of all-round good songs to make up All Talk Is Small Talk. Anyone who listens to this EP will be sure of what they are getting with this band. There are obvious areas of improvement such as chemistry and attention to detail that will inevitably come with time and experience. They also need to craft their sound and play to their strengths more. However, overall there is a definite capacity for these guys to make an impression and accomplish good things with their music.

Check out the lyric video for I Fell Faster below and keep an eye out for more to come from Sioux Falls.

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