Slam Dunk Festival Interview with CANE HILL

We had a chat with vocalist Elijah Witt and guitarist James Barnett from metal band Cane Hill at Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds 2016.

How do you feel about playing the 10th anniversary of Slam Dunk Festival?

Elijah – I didn’t even know it’s been around for 10 years. Happy 10th Slam Dunk!

The question on everyone’s lips, will you be playing any songs from ‘Smile’ today?

Elijah and James – YES.

James – Three songs.

Can we ask which ones?

Elijah – True Love, New Jesus and then one that we haven’t released called You’re So Wonderful.

Nice, that sounds good. So if you only had three words each, how would you describe the album?

Elijah – Smoke fucking weed.

James you have to beat that now!

James – Yeah I’m on the spot now.

Elijah – Get fucking wrecked.

James – He is killing it.

Elijah – Eat fucking shit.

James – Heavy Fucking Metal. Do bad shit.

How would you say the album has progressed from the EP?

James – The album is a bit more mature, y’know a bit more structured. When I wrote the EP I was in high school and that was years and years ago so now we all have much different views on things and our taste in music has changed.

When are you coming back to the UK to tour ‘Smile’?

Elijah – December we come back, with Bullet for My Valentine and KillSwitch Engage.

James – Yeah, it’s very exciting.

Have you guys got any time out to go check out any bands today?

Elijah – I’m listening to Moose Blood, I will not miss them. I will also be watching New Years Day and Creeper.

Oh yeah, Creeper are awesome live.

Elijah – Yeah yeah yeah, it’s like sad boy punky rock. I super enjoy sad boy rock.

James – I have no idea who’s playing (laughs).

Why should people come and see you guys instead of the other bands on at the same time?

Elijah – Everyone else sucks. (Laughs) We’re heavy as fuck and pissed.

What can people look forward to from your set today?

Elijah and James – New songs.

James – New guitars! We got new guitars.

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