Slaughter To Prevail – Misery Sermon [Album Review]

7 out of 10

Genres have a tendency to evolve as time goes on, and deathcore is no different albeit you do have to pay a little more attention. Comparing the product now to what it was 10 years ago, you’ll generally find things have just been amped up in every way, much to the origin of the genre itself. The blast beats are faster and the breakdowns slower and it is all overproduced for maximum impact. Slaughter To Prevail represents this evolution in a pretty neat and ugly package.

Whilst it may remain exactly what you have come to expect of bands from this genre, Misery Sermon and Russian Hate are both abusively heavy tracks that open this debut with nuclear effectiveness. Immediately peaking, the band refuse to let up the pressure, with Chronic Slaughter, King and 666 all providing ample fodder for the eager slam dancer, with dynamic shifts between blistering pace and plodding brutality.

Slaughter To Prevail do show themselves to be more comfortable when they are going as fast as possible. The machine-gun-rapid snare hits are visceral and the double bass blasts relentless pummel away as the chugged riffs follow their lead. There isn’t anything new being produced here but instead it’s the shot of adrenaline the genre has been in need of for a long time now.

Unfortunately, it is in the later moments on this album that the realisation of how similar all the songs are really sets in. Slaughter To Prevail have a formula and they stick to in throughout Misery Sermon resulting in what feels like a rather bland and filling end product by the time closer Cultural ills hits home the final barrage. Whilst there are obvious highlights, there are only so many chugging patterns before they begin to fade into one blurred flurry upon attempting to recall tracks.

Alex Shikolai delivers a frightful performance that is truly deserving praise, his genuine demonic bark spearheads the musical battery incredibly well and is a fine fit. With their debut album, it would seem that Slaughter To Prevail have tried to give the listener everything, kitchen sink and all. With the relentless assault of blast beats, frantic riffs and shattering breakdowns there is little time to let anything settle. Whilst there are true highlights in the forms of the title track and the vicious Chronic Slaughter, Misery Sermon is a uncontrollable animal of a record. Slaughter To Prevail need some refinement, but what they represent at the moment is a thrashing collection of raw talent that could see them return the deathcore genre to its destructive glory days.


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