Slayer talk about Repentless trilogy

Repentless Slayer

Metal legends Slayer talk about their time recording the video trilogy for 2015 album Repentless in an interview. The videos have star-studded casts, so check them all out: You Against YouRepentless and Pride In Prejudice respectively.

Nuclear Blast America’s general manager Gerardo Martinez put the band together with up-and-coming director, BJ McDonnell who turned in a story line that the band really liked.  McDonnell made his living as a motion picture and television camera/steadicam operator, having worked on features such as ‘Avengers:  Age of Ultron,’ ‘The Interview,’ and ‘Jack Reacher,’ and had one directing project under his belt, 2013’s ‘Hatchet III.’  “Meeting him, he was excited,” remembers SLAYER’s Tom Araya.  “He really liked the fact he was working with the band, he was a fan, and his excitement rubbed off because it made me excited.  I thought, ‘well this is gonna be fucking great!'”

See the video below:

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