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After catching COPE opening for Blood Youth in October and being absolutely blown away (read the full review here), we thought we’d catch up with them to have an insight into their world.

Basic Info

Josh Bowles (guitar): “Our band is made up of myself, Adam Bates (vocals), Ross Long (guitar), Florian Labour (bass) and Ed Thompson (drums). Our home town is London, however 3 of us are from the West Country, Florian’s from France and Ed is from Slough, but is half French, so you could say we have the ‘French connection’! We’re aged between 25 & 31. The name has 2 meanings; the first being the obvious, and the second being an acronym, standing for ‘Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality’, which is also the title of our debut EP.”

The Past

Josh: “We met on an online forum for people who’re looking for other musicians to start a band. Myself and Ross had both posted similar ads, and when we all met up, it turned out me and Ross already knew each other, and me and Adam had loads of mutual friends. So from there, we starting putting together what we had written separately, and wrote Here’s Hoping, the 3rd track on the EP. We then self-released our first single, Now Or Never, 5 months after we’d formed.”

The Present

Josh: “Right now, we’re kinda winding down for the Christmas period. We’ve just released our debut EP a couple of weeks back, so we’re still riding the release wave and will have a couple more shows before the year’s out in support of that. It’s been a long year – there’s a lot of work to be done when self-releasing music, so we’re excited to have a short break! That being said, we have some stuff planned for early next year, so we can’t rest on our laurels for too long, there’s always more to do!”

The Future

Josh: “We’re currently planning a string of dates for the first quarter of next year, so that’s our main priority for the minute. We’re also just confirming some festival dates too, so we’ll be hitting the stage a lot more and will be way more active in 2017. We’re almost done with the writing process for the follow up to Challenge Oppression too, so you can expect new music in the Spring time. I’m super stoked with what we’ve written so far, so if you liked COPE, just wait and see what we have in store for you next year! There’s never any let up, the world’s still fucked and we’re still angry, so we’re not going anywhere any time soon.”


Check out the COPE‘s new EP Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality here and find them on all social media @copetheband. See the new video for Seasons Ending below:

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