Steel Panther – Live Review: Manchester Arena – 18th October 2016

One word that describes a gig like this one is party, as all the bands are out there to have fun, and simply give a kickass rock and roll performance. Starting off the night are rock and roll greats, Buckcherry (7); the band gave a perfect start to the night as a whole opening the set with both Sunshine and Ridin from 2005’s album 15 which celebrated its 10th anniversary a night before this show. Whilst this was never mentioned during the band’s set, the majority of songs being chosen from this album was obvious for astute fans. The group also kicked into some great high octane rock and roll celebration with lead singer Josh Todd getting deeply involved with the crowd and giving fans memories of a frontman such as Iggy Pop. Finally the band’s choice to include their Icona Pop cover Say Fuck It (I Love It) was the highlight of their set and one which is likely to make sure Buckcherry are still able to standout, despite only being the first band of the night.

Bowling For Soup (8) came out and certainly felt like the band with the least rock and roll sensibilities and had the more Pop Punk style of the night. However with the headline band singing about having 17 girls in a row and the previous band singing about cocaine in a positive way (Lit Up – Buckcherry) the sense of childish fun was greatly welcomed from the band. Thankfully with the banter of waving at the crowd and also having a picture opportunity on Punk Rock 101 the humour still came that could match the other two bands. A great moment however was the fact the band credited one of their biggest hits Stacy’s Mum to Fountains Of Wayne (although to nitpick they never mentioned that 1985 was co-written and inspired by SR-71 (as a bit of trivia)). But with tracks such as Phineas And Ferb’s theme Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day making up a great part of their set, this is a band which provided a memorable show, and one which left fans suitably warmed up to the headline group of the evening Steel Panther. With enough hits to arguably say the group has gone past the parody description and might just simply be described as a “modern day classic rock band”

Bowling For Soup - Nathan Heffernan Photography
Bowling For Soup – Nathan Heffernan Photography

Steel Panther (9) already know the classics that fans will love. With tracks like Eyes Of A Panther, Just Like Tiger Woods and Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World Steel Panther prove they can start a party off heavily and can go to any record to find a hit for their stunning live show. Saying this however, half their set is from their debut record Feel The Steel so hopes are that the new release can give plenty of up to date material that can go across as well as the older album. The band also worked the right amount of crowd interaction as the group played an acoustic rendition of a none-single track Girl Called Oklahoma to a young girl sat on stage. With the right amount of seriousness and jovial humour, this is a moment which brought fans to love the band even more and think a lot more highly of the group. The group also invited several girls on stage for 17 Girls In A Row and Gloryhole which gave the look of a classic Glam Metal group of Motely Crue in a video such as Girls Girls Girls. Utterly stupid and ironic, but also one of great fun and good humoured spirit. To end the show on party classic Party All Day (Fuck All Night) made the arena bounce including many of the fans in their seats, and left the audience smiling and laughing after what could only be described as a classic show. What Steel Panther lack in seriousness, they more than make up for the value of going to see them, and that has got to be the lasting impression every group should aim for.

Steel Panther - Nathan Heffernan Photography
Steel Panther – Nathan Heffernan Photography



Photo Credit: Nathan Heffernan Photography. Taken at Barclaycard Arena – Birmingham

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