Stick To Your Guns release music video in support of Standing Rock

Stick To Your Guns are some of Orange County’s finest, and the hardcore crew are known for their blatant political statements.

Their latest video is from Better Ash Than Dust‘s title track, and comes at a poignant time. Jesse Barnett commented:

“With the eyes of the world on what is happening in North Dakota and the Dakota Access Pipeline, I think this a perfect time to release this video. So much of what is happening to the indigenous people of what we call America is not only horrifying, but down right unacceptable. This is not just an injustice against these people, their land and their water, but it’s a perfect example of how what we call a civilized society can, more often than not, be barbaric and disgusting. The support that the whole world has shown for Standing Rock has been and inspiring thing to watch and this band stands in solidarity with them.”

In line with this, the band and their label with be donating to Standing Rock with every sale, defending the rights of indigenous populations. Stick To Your Guns are truly a band we can all get behind for raising significant awareness in social and political circles.

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