Suicide Silence & Guests – Live @ Marble Factory, Bristol (23/3/17)

A night of deathcore with a little spice in-between was brought to Bristol as we are given many different flavours of the genre that brings the room together. Whilst the controversy still surrounds Suicide Silence, and you could somewhat tell it had affected with the small crowd in attendance, its going to be interesting to see how everything fairs out.

Bringing the local fire to the stage were Roads To Nowhere (6) who came to the stage in a fury. The crowd were focused on the bands powerful low toned sound, but it was hard to distinguish certain parts due to the fact that the band came through the speakers like a busy construction site. The instrumentation became clouded and the certain electronic elements that came through pierced through, especially during the breakdowns. The vocals, when they started to cut through, sounded meaty during the lower tones and heightened more of the below average experience. The band shows off the great things about Bristol, it just became the sound that unfortunately put a dampener on their 30 minutes of fame.

Changing the whole vibe to a death metal extravaganza, Venom Prison (8) are another showcase for the UK for the entire tour and with such an eclectic music flavour in their sound, it’ll be interesting to see how they fair. The sound comes across as more balanced and refined than the local act and and the crowd seemed more receptive towards them. There was a bit of hit and miss points during their set, but for the majority of the time on stage the band nailed you with song after song full of vibrance and variety. Showcasing their newer material from their latest album ‘Animus’, the band pushed themselves further and being in a venue like this supporting a band as universally known as Suicide Silence are, it’s a massive step in the right direction for them.

Deez Nuts (8) might seem like a band who you would question being on a lineup around this particular genre, but it just means that the band have to step up and make themselves more know and boy did they do that. Breaking out with tracks ‘Word’ and ‘Popular Demand’, the band threw themselves into their hardcore niche perfectly and the crowd started to warm up a lot more. JJ Peters comes across as a strong frontman for his band and it brings the life of the band and whilst the technical issues of the guitars threw a bit of a wrench in an otherwise really solid set, the band gave everyone a nice change up and a chance to boogie along to something else.

It has definitely been an interesting few weeks with Suicide Silence (9), but now it comes to crunch time within their headline set. Opening with the ever swaying ‘Doris’, the new album makes so much more sense when hearing the new record in a live setting as the sounds flow much more than it does on their album. They don’t shy away from their older discography as tracks like ‘Unanswered’ and ’No Pity For A Coward’ immediately brought the crowd to life and whilst there were points where the crowd almost got physical, it was overshadowed by the bands overall performance. The bands attitude now of not giving a hoot about what everyone thinks of them transcending to their live set brings out so much more out of them and no matter what you think of their latest status in the world of deathcore, their live show still hasn’t changed, giving you everything they have and then some.

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