Summer Lake Heroes – Beers and Fucked Up Friends (Deluxe Edition)

This feel good EP opens with Stupid Boy which is a song about a classic love sick situation that is undoubtable relatable to every single fan of the pop-punk genre. First impressions of the EP from this song are very good, with hints of a Hayley Williams influence in the vocals from Camille Mur. However, the Summer Lake Heroes sound as a whole has something untouchably unique that makes for interesting listening and takes the form more of the early days of Hey Monday.

Cue BFF (Beers & Fucked Up Friends). For any pop-punk fan who has not already heard this song – go listen. This is the ultimate hang out song that plays a party montage in your head as you listen to it with it’s incredibly catchy yet fairly intricate underlying instrumental work. Listeners are guaranteed to come away from that song singing, ‘This is the best night ever’ and planning their next house party/ summer BBQ.

The third track on the EP Distant Stars supplies Camille Mur with the chance to spotlight the composition of her intriguing vocals. The beautiful French roots are a pleasure to hear paired with undeniable talent and a rich undertone. This song is also the first time backing vocals from Johan Mouninou shine through skilfully enhancing the tone of the composition. This is a stand out track on the EP in terms of its successful finished product and distinctiveness.

The accomplished melodic groundwork from Distant Stars is carried on through to Shine. This track is carried by fantastic innovative drumming from Jeremie Estique. His flair and aptitude that is so prominent leaves you wondering why it has taken until the fourth track for it to be noticed. This is not to say that the rest of band are not sufficient in the song because they do make a reasonable sound however thanks to Estique Shine is thrust from a reasonable song that may have got lost in the middle of the EP to a great song that stands as a contender for one of the top songs on the EP.

Track number five Mailbox returns to melodic riffs and catchy power chords that work extremely well with all bassline, drum beat and vocals. This track would be an excellent song to both listen to and perform live. All set with ‘hey hey hey’s from the crowd and perfect dancing/jumping beat and easy vocals, it is a ready-made crowd involvement song.

The EP takes a slightly more haunting turn with Heart Eating Zombie’s captivating introduction that leads into the tale of a sadistic heartbreaker. This is the most emotional song included on the EP and is a welcome change of mood. It gives the EP the diversity it was craving by this point without changing the core sound that has built it up thus far. The song guides you to the end of your journey through to the last track.

Harvey Dent is arguably one of the best pop songs to come out of Europe this year. Its deep lyrics leave you to infer your own thoughts on their meaning whether it be to apply them to your own life or simply to the notorious Batman villian and are impeccable delivered by Camille Mur and Johan Mouninou. The guitar work is entrancing throughout the entire song and Jeremie Estique’s charismatic drumming is highlighted once again, however, this time it is accompanied by an equally fantastic ensemble.


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