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Sum 41 have a huge UK headline tour coming!

Off the back of their ambitious new album 13 VoicesSum 41 will be touring the UK next spring. The eight-date tour will take place next February and March hitting venues that could be considered somewhat intimate for the band. Regardless, these shows are guaranteed to be charged with energy.

The full set of dates are as follows:

For now, get yourself hyped for this tour with one of Sum 41‘s latest music videos. This is War!

Sum 41 – 13 Voices

Sum 41 were one of the most prolific pop punk bands of the 2000’s, riding the genre’s popularity wave along with Blink-182Green Day and others. Much like those bands though, Sum 41 went through a few years of virtually total inactivity. Now, they’re back, complete with Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksh on guitar for their latest studio album 13 Voices.

Opening with A Murder of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me), the track fades in before kicking into gear for some nostalgic Sum 41 action. Goddamn I’m Dead Again has a solid riff as it’s backbone and a lot to prove. It’s a fast paced track, enhanced by overlapping vocals and a rapid drum beat. What’s more, there is an absolutely monstrous riff on show here as the song comes to its climax – this beast wouldn’t be out of place on a thrash album.

Premiere single Fake My Own Death builds up with tension with an angsty, aggressive track. 13 Voices creates the anthemic, larger than life atmosphere that Sum 41 fans have been waiting on for years.

Breaking The Chain features a violin-based intro, and drops into a slower start with more vocal exposure. This is about as close Sum 41 get to a ballad on 13 Voices, but the band still bring through an intense guitar riff to capitalize on the tension of the track. There Will Be Blood and title track 13 Voices rock on by in a jovial, but predictable fashion. There is little variation in song structure on the record, and it becomes a little too evident in the latter half of the album.

War, on the other hand, brings up the quality by a mile. It’s got the biggest chorus on 13 Voices, and the hook will have anyone singing it for days. It’s exciting, compelling and energetic, essentially everything you could hope for in a pop punk song. It’s more familiar ground for the pop punk scene, but there’s enough variation on offer here that War can revel in what it is.

God Save Us All
unfortunately moves the album back into a relatively conservative tone, with Sum 41 throwing out another track without a truly stand-out moment. God Save Us All plays host to some lo-fi vocals that don’t particularly add anything to the song. The Rise and the Fall boasts a strong pace, and it’s a solid offering from the band, angst-ridden if not lyrically poignant. Final track Twisted By Design is one of 13 Voices‘ most intimate songs, opening with a keyboard lick hauntingly similar to Muse. The song breaks down into classic Sum 41 territory, and reaches a climax worthy to close the album.

13 Voices is a fairly intimate record, though you might not catch that without listening carefully in some tracks. The intricately personal material is walled in a blaze of aggression and musical strength. Starting off excellently, the album is exactly the footing Sum 41 need to launch them back into relevance. Unfortunately, the album stalls somewhat towards the end, become predictable though not unworthy of praise. As a return album from a band so plagued with troubles as Sum 41, it damn rocks, so don’t miss out.


Sum 41 Release ‘God Save Us All (Death To POP)’

Pop Punks Sum 41 have released a final track before the release of new album 13 Voices. The track titled God Save Us All (Death to POP) is accompanied by the below music video. The clip shows highlights of the undeniable force that is Sum 41 on stage this summer during Vans Warped Tour, their European tour dates and all things in between.

Frontman Deryck Whibley began writing for 13 Voices immediately following his four-month stint in the hospital. he recalls, “I had to learn how to do everything again-my motor skills, learning how to play guitar again… I couldn’t even walk at the time. It was really difficult, but at the same time if I didn’t have a record to make, I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly, or even at all. Writing music gave me a purpose. I had to get better.”

13 Voices is released on October 7th via Hopeless Records. The tracklist for the record is below.

1. A Murder of Crows
2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
3. Fake My Own Death
4. Breaking The Chain
5. There Will Be Blood
6. 13 Voices
7. War
8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)
9. The Fall And The Rise
10. Twisted By Design