2far2jump – First Attempts At Everything – REVIEW

Hailing from Surrey Pop-Punk trio 2far2jump have been making waves in the UK Pop-Punk scene which is now, at least in some eyes, over saturated with Pop-Punk bands popping up left, right and center. 2far2jump dropped their debut EP on the 5th of May and after releasing the EP’s debut single Deepdene it was set to be a great release. However, let’s breakdown 2far2jump’s Debut EP First Attempt At Everything.

Opening up this EP is Set Your Goals, which after a short but powerful riff the song kicks in too full swing with the vocals which are effortlessly placed over by Alistair Hynes. However, this is where one issue lies although it is something that adds charm to 2far2jump their is a sense that Alistair’s vocals switch from a British to American sense depending on his vocal notes, but as aforementioned it is in this where charm is brought to the song. Overall this opener does exactly what it needs to, brilliantly opens up what is set to be an energetic EP. Through the tight instrumentation and well orchestrated song structure, it is clear the trio understands their genre perfectly.

Coming next on this EP is a volley of tracks starting with single Deepdene, which is the strongest track on this release with great instrumentation the song throws them in the depths of Pop-Punk and shows their ability to go far in this overly-competitive genre. The drums are truly the highlight on this track as they bring the power in to this track and they help carry the song along for its full run time. With this also being the single from the EP it showed how much potential this EP has and with Hynes’ vocals it does leave a lasting impression.

The second half of this volley of tracks is Static, which is a juxtaposing track in it’s tone, being a far softer track in its make up. With the more ethereal vocals, bolstered with a decent amount of delay in a good portion of the song, it shows the variety the band has, alongside the more complex guitar parts that exist in the instrumentation of this track.

Following on from this is A Place To Run which starts off with this more electronic instrumentation that starts off the song well. With this electronic instrumentation mixing in with the full band instrumentation it shows 2far2jump representing yet another side to themselves. Again like with many tracks on this EP it is the vocals of Hynes that brings an extra layer to the track and warrant it to be spun a few more times. This is a close contender for the strongest track on the EP with the tight instrumentation which is present on the track.

The penultimate track on this EP is Think For The New Days which has a feel good opening, that in one sense is a generic riff that could be found in different tunings across many different genres and artists. However, the continuation of this riff and the occasional musical delays on the riff bring something unexpected to the track with the way in to which it then drops in to the chorus and bridge. This unfortunately at the same time is the weakest track on the EP due to this generic feel that comes through at the same time whilst the track powers through to its end runtime.

Rounding off 2far2jump’s debut EP is A Winner In A Loser’s Eyes, which is the slowest cut on this EP. Although it is something that can be found on every Pop-Punk album or EP it is executed perfectly with Hynes’ voice complimenting the guitar parts and the harmonies laying on top of one another with finesse. Overall this track ties the EP to a well rounded and deserved close with ease. Through the simple yet effective instrumentation and well orchestrated song the band proved their potential yet again like many times on this EP.

Overall this EP, does what it needs to do, it represents the band in the best possible light. Although 2far2jump aren’t breaking any new ground on this EP they are showing potential to be a band who could make it far in an over saturated Pop-Punk market. With the tight instrumentation and well presented vocals 2far2jump are showing their knowledge of the genre and thei ability to work inside it. Whether or not they will be able to make a name for themselves in a genre which is so competetitive is yet to be determined but First Attempts At Everything has the foundations in which 2far2jump can build from.


Interview: 2far2jump

2far2jump consists of vocalist Alistair Hynes, guitarist Rupert Barker, drummer Aaron Mann and currently session bassist Matt Munday. They have an exciting stage show, a debut EP due out in May and are excited for their plans for 2017. Having already gained notable attention with only three and soon to be four singles out prior to their EP release, there’s a lot to look forward to for the Surrey pop punkers and their fans.

How and when did 2far2jump form?

Our guitarist, Rupert, had the plan to put the band together way back in 2013. Then in early 2015, whilst playing with friend and drummer, Aaron they advertised for a singer and in April 2015 Alistair joined. Since then we’ve been setting and achieving goal after goal. At the moment they’re pretty small goals but it still feels rewarding to even get where we are now.

Tell us anything interesting about your hometown.

It’s ridiculously upper class for a pop punk band although there is a really big alternative scene. You’d walk down the road and instead of beer bottles on the pavement like you’d get in Leeds there’s Champgne bottles! But there are loads of alternative kids into good music and good vibes and that’s probably why our Guildford show has been biggest to date.

When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

Around about the time that Alistair joined in April 2015. We also became friends outside of the band and things started to click.

Who are your musical influences?

(Alistair) We love bands like Neck Deep, Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, Against The Current, As It Is, You Me At Six, Moose Blood, The 1975, Trophy Eyes, Real Friends, With Confidence and The Hunna. I am influenced by a lot of ‘90s Emo bands as well as Pop and artists like Drake, One Direction and the Vamps. Rupert loves guitar bands from a variety of genres. Aaron likes Linkin Park. And we all love music that is emotive, melodic, and means something when you listen to it.

What’s been your wildest moment as a band?

(Alistair) I was writing a song in a text draft that was in reply to some person I probably wasn’t going to reply to anyway, I wasn’t thinking and sent it by default when I finished. I’m surprised I didn’t get a restraining order.

(Rupert) My favorite moment was a show we played in Chelmsford a while back. It was one of the first times that the audience got really involved with the music and they wanted more when we finished. Alistair crowd-surfed an inflatable shark… Another really good moment was when we played Guildford recently. The place was packed even though we were on first. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Where did the name “2far2jump” come from?

It sounded like something cool kids say and we’re desperate to be relevant cool kids… Actually, Rupert came up with it. The name represents that feeling you have when you think that your goals are out-of- reach.



Where have you played or toured?

London, Croydon, South Coast, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, Leicestershire. We’ve played shows with Cavalier, Reckless Intentions, A Few Too Many, True Heights, Varsity and Such Strange Arts.

In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?

(Rupert) The thing that makes any band different is often not just one thing but a combination of things that together make it unique. In our case we have quite a bit of variety with the type of songs, all of which have melodic tunes, thought-provoking lyrics usually combined with up-beat rhythms. Also we started writing original songs from the beginning.

(Alistair) We didn’t start out doing covers, we started writing our own stuff. Also we put the first song we wrote on our debut EP – I don’t think many other bands have done or would do that. Whether it’s a wise thing for them to not do that, it probably is. It’s my least favorite song personally but it’s still fun to perform.

If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?

(Alistair) It’s designed to evoke emotion: our songs talk about realness and real things. Some of our songs are a mix of melancholy and uplifting, some of them are fun and jumpy, at least that’s what I intend to put across and create when I write the lyrics.

(Rupert) In terms of movement, we have both calm and collected as well as hard hitting and energetic.

Do you have a tour on the horizon?

We can’t announce anything at the moment but we’ll be announcing a string of mini tours when the EP’s out and we may be appearing at some festivals this summer.


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