A Trust Unclean – Parturition

The evolution of extreme metal in the past twenty years has taken on many forms. One area which has not been afraid to include fresh influences is Death Metal. Take a look at where the genre stood in the early 90’s – bands such as Obituary and Deicide delivering what is considered now to be the genre’s most primordial, basic template. Later innovators such as Cynic – incorporated progressive elements – and Nile with their Egyptian styling’s proved that the genre had room for new ideas without sacrificing the raw power of what came before. As things stand in 2017, Death Metal seems to have merged with everything from hardcore to jazz and with their new offering Parturition, Oxford crew A Trust Unclean attempt to push things even further.

The title track invokes sinister theatrical themes, setting things up nicely and preparing the listener for the onslaught that comes after, sounding like a much-more technical Clandestine –era Entombed . Its glitched-out guitar lines all lead into the super catchy riffery of Dominion Over Bone, which showcase the hyper speed drumming of Noah Plant, breaking down into Messhugah-like tech-metal.

Kyle Lamb unleashes vocal hell with death grunts and blood-curdling screams, allowing tracks like the rhythmic To Encompass and Eclipse with its staggered, crushing beatdown sections – to sound positively unnerving. His voice also sit’s well alongside the records layered keyboards, which accompany both the high speed and the sludgier moments to give the record an ethereal feel in places, really elevating the caustic mood.

As previously mentioned, the band clearly seek to innovate and that they do. They incorporate many influences into the melting pot, notably the groove based chicanery of Lamb of God on riff juggernaut Aeon, a whole host of progressive metal luminaries on tracks like Apex and the full speed ahead brutality of Job For A Cowboy which shines through on the majority of tracks here. The only trouble with the record really is that the band move so quickly through tracks that it really is hard to pigeonhole a specific style in which they sit.

With Parturition, A Trust Unclean deliver a veritable battering ram to the senses, slinging hyper speed blast beats, intricate guitar lines and harrowing vocals at the wall and it most definitely sticks. Of course this wouldn’t work nearly as well if it weren’t for the magnitude of influences here, all underpinned by crisp production and an eerie backdrop that hasn’t been done quite as well since hardcore merchants Bleeding Through burst on the scene. A ferocious new release by a promising British act.