Hellions, Acres & Cold Summer – The Key Club Leeds

Hellions and Acres brought their tour to The Key Club Leeds with support from local band Cold Summer. Check out our photos


Hellions & Guests – Live @ Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff (28/2/17)

Giving you a mixture of genres but a massive amount of energy, Cardiff is looking to bring a lot of excitement for Hellions final stop on their headline tour. With Acres holding the middle and a local support looking to make a name for themselves, its time to see how everyone shaped up.

Frown Upon (7) took the night off with something aggressive and powerful with their blend of alternative rock mixed with a melodic hardcore/punk element that definitely showed off what they can do really well. With the band feeling a bit rusty at times, it luckily didn’t take away from their sound as the raw emotion running through the vocals in tracks like ‘Impolitic’ had a positive desired effect with the rest of the band being heightened around it. Having an nostalgic vibe of Lower Than Atlantis from back in their ‘Far Q’ era as well as having a bit more of a modernised style in its melodies, they’re definitely pushing forward a bit more and are a group to keep an eye out for.

Up next were Acres (9) who were giving you something a lot more melodically charged and adding a softer approach. With their latest EP ‘In Sickness & Health’ having just been released for a few days, they had a lot to be excited for and the post hardcore/rock inspirations from the band came through in spades. Their whole sound seems to be based on the atmosphere and whilst their music doesn’t really bring any moshing to the table, just taking in what they are able to offer with you tracks like ‘Gloom’ that do have the main touches of anger, the band create such a breathtaking sound that it just encapsulates everything that you enjoy about the band, with the screams and cleans powering through. If you ever get a chance to see this band, you definitely wont regret it.

Finally on the final night for the final time this tour, Hellions (9) took to the stage and planned to make this another night to remember. Having just giving everyone a teaser in the UK with their stint on the Deez Nuts/Comeback Kid tour, it was going to be exciting to see how they planned to change things up. Whilst most of the set stays the same, which was expected, they do throw in a nice few additions to the night that make it feel a lot more unique and take the night into its own favourable element. As well as their latest full length ‘Opera Oblivia’ being made the main attraction of their show, it came through with a lot of exuberance and the crowd were able to feed off that energy during tracks like ‘Quality Of Life’ and their set closer ‘Hellions’. Overall, this band know how to bring everything to a special peak and they were able to create something that was what they wanted to do, and boy are they doing it right!