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Against The Current postpone Birmingham show

Due to Chrissy Costanza’s condition following an extensive and intense tour schedule, Against The Current have had to reschedule tonight’s show in Birmingham. The show was set to be the penultimate date on the In Our Bones World Tour.

The band’s statement says:

Hey everyone, unfortunately tonight’s Birmingham show won’t be going ahead due to illness. We have been looking forward to these shows for so long and don’t want to put them at risk, the only safe solution is to reschedule this show to Monday 3rd October.

Anyone who has tickets and can’t make the new date, as well as people who have tickets and can make the new date, stand by for more info. We are working with the promoters and venue to get that for you.

VIP will also be honored under the same terms.

Stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


If this change affects you, keep up to date with Against The Current on Facebook and Twitter to hear the details of the show rescheduling. In the meantime though, have a look a track on their setlist this tour:

against the current

LIVE: Against The Current – Shepherd’s Bush Empire 30/9/16

Opening up the bill for Against The Current‘s In Our Bones date were Beach Weather, a band who formed last year under the guidance of The Maine by ex-A Rocket To The Moon frontman Nick Santino. Their indie/shabby-chic styling got them huge cheers as they arrived onstage – not to mention a couple of wolf whistles – and they proceeded to play material both from their first EP and upcoming EP Chit Chat, which is set for a 14th October release. Their tunes are incredibly funky and soon came the crowd interaction, despite not many knowing the words to the songs. Nick at one point even instructed the crowd to become acquainted with the people surrounding them to then “sexy dance” to their last track. All in all, a good show and proof that Beach Weather could be one of the up-and-coming bands of the moment. [6/10]

beach weather against the current
Frontman Nick Santino

Next up were Brighton’s finest As It Is, fresh from a video shoot earlier in the day. The band opened with Cheap Shots & Setbacks which set the tone fantastically for the rest of the set, but only after a recorded intro that set out the concept for their new record and referenced it directly. They had the usual energy onstage, yet seemed to be revitalised by this new era coming up and finally being revealed to the fans waiting and this new era got a run out with Okay making its London live debut for the Empire crowd. Needless to say, the band were shocked at the sheer volume of the lyrics coming bouncing back at them. The single had only been released for 8 days yet the crowd were fully into the vibe and getting to grips with how it was being played live, to their benefit. The crowd interaction throughout was creating an electric atmosphere for Against The Current, but overall it was just a pretty usual set for them with little change, though undeniably good quality as always. [8/10]

as it is against the current
As It Is showing off their new 50s aesthetic

Against The Current came out to the biggest cheer of the night to that point, and swiftly burst into a rendition of Runaway that was almost record-perfect which is no mean feat on any tour, let alone one so extensive and draining as In Our Bones has been so far. It soon became apparent however that Chrissy Costanza was not having much fun with her voice being overly painful as she belted out the lyrics, and at one point even admitted to the crowd she was sorry for her tone and performance. In spite of this, the band ripped through hits from not only In Our Bones but early material as well, including a rendition of Infinity in the little acoustic mini-set alongside the tour title track.

A beautiful moment of dedicating Roses to a friend that has recently passed away got the crowd fully on the band’s side whether they were or not already, and Blood Like Gasoline and Running With The Wild Things got some of the best reception of the night. However, it’s fair to say that the biggest singalong of the night (perhaps with the exception of Chasing Ghosts where the band brought a minimal sound to allow for the most crowd interaction) was with their recent My Chemical Romance cover of Teenagers. Everyone in the room was completely belting it out at the top of their lungs including parents who had accompanied their children to the show, and the result was something astonishing.

against the current
Guitarist Dan Gow

Sadly, the Against The Current set had to be cut short, with the removal of Brighter and Another You (Another Way) from the setlist due to Chrissy’s condition but the crowd seemed to only be more and more appreciative for what they had just witnessed before they came back on for an encore of Gravity to round off a triumphant set.

A special mention has to go to drummer Will Ferri for his sheer volume of percussion on display in the set and his absolute mastery of all of it. From his massive kit on the pedestal centre stage to his microphoned acoustic kick box, he worked it all with absolute class as brother Mike (drummer of We Are The In Crowd) watched on from the stands.

The night was best described in a tweet by Chrissy herself, with photos of the crowds at their first London show to last night (see below) and it is clear to see just how much headway Against The Current have made. Their pop rock anthems have made their way onto the airwaves and charts, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping any time soon. [8/10]

against me shape shift with me

Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me

Being their seventh studio album, you’d be expecting Against Me! to be carrying years of experience into the creation of their new album Shape Shift With Me – and you wouldn’t be wrong. After vocalist Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender four years ago, it’s clear to see that this album is based around her transformation, and the perception of love and sex when being transgender, the power, the viciousness and the massive ‘fuck you’ is prominent throughout.

As well as the issues mentioned, the band also tackle social and political problems, noticeably in ‘Suicide Bomber’ which was written shortly after the Paris attacks and ProVision L-3 which is about the high security airport checks. ProVision L-3 is the first song on the album and the angry punk rock comes blaring through from the first note, with vocalist Laura repeatedly shouting the title of the track and later on mentions ‘a culture of suspicion’. Third track ‘Boyfriend’ is definitely one of the stand out tracks for addressing her personal problems as Laura brings in lines like ‘Treat me like a boyfriend / some dumb fucking boyfriend’. You can clearly hear the upset in her voice as she’s made to feel unaccepted after coming out transgender, and that her partner doesn’t appreciate her for who she is.

A standout track 333 is situated in the middle of the album, most probably saving the dullest section of the release. It’s a classic Against Me! track and it’s almost rap like where Laura’s tried to fit too many words in one sentence, but it works – and well. There’s a strong and catchy guitar riff in-between verses, but of course all leading to the massive sing-a-long choruses, not too many to get boring but not too little to feel under appreciated.

The vocals drop in the track Dead Rat and you see Laura basically speaking the lyrics showing how exhausted and fed up she is with life, and this is really effective – especially as the track is one of the final on the release. It feels like the audience is taken through a journey of political issues, terrorism and Laura’s personal life through her love, abuse and transformation.

The final song All This (And More) seems a lot slower than a lot of the other tracks and comes across as a sort of punk ballad. It’s based on things that Laura wants to forget and the emotional lines like ‘160 miles to Cincinnati / Plastic Christ, my hearts breaking in my chest / 160 miles to regret’ sits on a slow and deep baseline before breaking into the chorus of ‘All this and more to forget’. After what seems to be a barrel of abuse from ex partners, the last verse closes with ‘I somehow ended up missing your kind of crazy more than the rest’ and seems to be projected so much more emotionally than the rest of the song.

Overall, a brilliant album. It is truly a look into the world of being transgender and showing the world that you don’t care. There are thousands of albums that show normal love and their breakups, but not many that show love from the perspective of a transgender individual. It’s an eye-opener and definitely another quality instalment in Against Me!‘s discography.

Champs Current Maine

Warped Interview: Against The Current

New Yorkers Against The Current have made massive advances in the musical world in recent months so Victoria Schmidt and Eleanor Hayden checked in on them in Bonner Springs, KS to see what they’re up to on Warped Tour.


Interviewer: So this is your first Warped Tour, how has it been – a crazy experience so far?

Chrissy: Just so incredibly busy everyday. We’ve done a lot of our own headliners which is load and soundcheck at one o’clock then you’re off at six, whereas this is just get up and go all day long.

Will: Yeah, it’s great to do something different.

Chrissy: It’s like, you go to bed very satisfied, very exhausted, but very fulfilled.

You guys started out on YouTube, is it crazy from seeing a number on the screen to seeing real people in an audience?

Will: Yeah, especially during the transition.

Chrissy: Yeah, because we were playing like local shows even when we were on YouTube but it was always local shows – we didn’t have any fans. So when we started touring and having fans come out to our shows it was weird and a cool feeling.

Will: The first time we went to Asia, right after we put out our first EP which had like five songs on it and there were people who wanted to see us, even though we only had five songs.

Chrissy: Yeah and they gave us like rock star treatment – we got off the plane and they were there waiting and it was like “wow”.

I was going to ask what the difference is between shows over there compared to here, because I feel like shows vary and do have differences.

Chrissy: Well, no offence to the US but we are more spoiled here. We are used to bands that come and tour the States three times a year so when a tour goes on sale, you don’t have to buy tickets because you saw them last time or you know that they’re coming again. Overseas, fans think of it more as “wow, they are coming across the ocean to play for us” and they respect that very highly so they will buy tickets instantly and they’re excited. It’s very different – they really appreciate when you come. Like Asia, we can only come once a year if that. Everyone comes if we go. They’re very appreciative.

Do the energy levels change between like countries?

Will: Oh yeah.

Chrissy: Yeah, every country also has it’s different regions and cultures. The New Yorks and the Londons are the bigger shows and the Chicagos and the Manchesters may be be smaller but are even crazier. Even in Asia, our Taiwan show sold out in five minutes to 14,000 people and we even added a second show – a matinee and a later show. Their culture is more laid back at shows, so they’re not going to go crazy jumping up and down, but they will bop their heads the entire set. We get custom glow sticks and those move the entire show.

Will: Yeah, we fill the entire place up but they’re not going crazy.  

Chrissy: It’s just different. Every country has it’s different place. There are shows that are really crazy, and the bigger shows sometimes are the calmer.

Will: We are lucky though – everything outside the US is moving pretty fast, which we like. So definitely trying to expand in the US.

As far as Warped goes, is it crazy performing with bands you grew up listening to?

Will: Yesterday New Found Glory went before us, almost like “opening” for us. But it was weird because it was like noon, and we were waiting backstage to go.

Chrissy: They were cool about it too – they told everyone to stick around and hear us play which was cool.

Will: When stuff like that happens, you realize how cool and awesome Warped is.

Chrissy: I mean, what other situation would New Found Glory be performing before us?

It must be very fulfilling.

Chrissy: For sure!

Will: Full circle moments.

Your set time changes day to day; are the shows at night more or less crazy?

Will: The crazier shows are within the first two hours.

Daniel: Those couple shows we played last though, I liked it.

Will: Yeah, but the morning shows people have more energy.

Chrissy: I feel like it’s always different. One day we played very last, and we thought that nobody would stick around to listen to us, no one is going to have energy and it ended up being one of the best shows. It felt like a headliner set. It felt like we were playing our own show. It’s been other times when we play later and the crowds dead. Sometimes we play at eleven thirty and it is awesome – always a great show.

Will: I feel like we are at a point in the tour where we are lucky. Every show is good. There are definitely stand outs, but every show is good.

Chrissy: If you get on stage and you think “the fans aren’t going to move, so I’m not going to try to get them to” then they definitely won’t. But if you get there and the kids are tired, but you tell them to get off their feet then they will get off their feet. Every show is what you make of it. There are shows that are going to be harder – like yesterday in St. Louis every crowd that I watched it was pulling, harder day to win over. I watched The Maine set and it was great set because they didn’t let the fans stop, they kept telling them “give me more, give me more”. The crowd will listen.

So, you guys are signed to Fueled By Ramen. What’s that like? The artist that are signed to them are all phenomenal.

Will: It’s true, they don’t have any bands that are filler – they’re all good. We have a lot more resources at our disposal because we signed. Before, we had to do everything ourselves but now we have these resources. And we got access to writers and artists, and it was inspiration for record two. But yeah, I feel like we’re in good hands because they’re so many bands that are dominating that are under Fueled.

It seems like you guys are dominating, you skyrocketed to the spotlight. It was cool to watch on social media from underground to the spotlight.

Chrissy: To us, we’re still a small band just starting out so when people ask us what it’s like to be in the spotlight we’re always like “I don’t know, we’re not there yet”.

Will: It feels the same as it did when we started the band.

Chrissy: It’s also like, we’re perfectionist and have this “It’s Never Enough” mentality. We always need to be doing the next thing. We’re never like “look at us”.

Will: To us we could still be better.

Chrissy: There was so much leading up to the record but it was just the set up. The record was the first step, and everyone’s talking about how much we’ve done but we are just setting it all up. The record is the beginning – we are at the beginning.

What’s your favourite part of touring, highs and lows?

Daniel: Seeing new cities is nice but being away from home isn’t nice.

Will: Yeah, just the physical travelling – especially with flying and jetlag are really tiring. But the shows are always worth it. When you feel down, and you second guess like “Oh I want to be home right now”, at least for me that’s when we have an awesome show – I realign myself and realise why I’m doing it. It’s all for the shows.

Is being away from home hard, and do you take time to go home and see your family and friends?

Chrissy: We all keep in touch with our parents.

Will: We try to go home as often as we can – like if there’s a chance then we will go for it.

Chrissy: We’re booking our Fall Tour around being home for Thanksgiving and Christmas – we don’t want to be gone for holidays. Especially because we’re young I don’t think any of our family members were ready to let go of us and have us touring all the time or not be home for holidays. It’s for us, but also for our families.

Architects’ Stand-In At Download Are Here

After Architects had to step down from Download festival due to a “family emergency”, there was a second stage place up for grabs.

This has just been announced to be filled by none other than New York pop-rockers Against The Current, who were in the UK for the BBC Radio 1 Rock All-Dayer on Wednesday and the Kerrang! Awards last night.

The band couldn’t be more different from the Brighton metalcore mob, but should smash it nonetheless!