Beartooth – Aggressive

It was on June 10th 2014, almost 2 years since the day, that Beartooth released their debut album Disgusting.   Ever since then, the Ohio metalcore/hardcore chaos inciters have become one of the most hard hitting, hard working, unrelenting and well respected bands in the scene. June 3rd will mark the release of their sophomore album Aggressive, released via Red Bull Records, and it’s hear we could see a band who are only 4 years old become the biggest band on the metalcore map.

Straight away you can tell this is an album that has been thoroughly planned out and constructed, with each song carrying it’s own dose of venom.   opening tracks Aggressive, Hated and Loser pack in the punches early, with each breakdown pummeling their way through the speakers.   Fair Weather Friend and Sick Of Me slow things down a bit in terms of pacing, but they still pack a quite a punch, even with Sick Of Memelodic chorus.   Censored and Always Dead bring back the heavy in full force, with Caleb Shomo’s unrelenting screams captaining every verse and chorus, the guitar work in every breakdown is something to be admired, non cliche and pretty much Aggressive, as heard on Loser, Rock Is Dead and Always Dead, all three songs delivering the best breakdowns the band has produced to date by the way.

However You Want It Said solidifies Aggressive’s position as not being a Disgusting 2.0, it’s the most melodic piece of work the band has produced, it’s still able to match every other song on the album heavy wise, and is such a huge anthem, one would be very surprised if they don’t play this live.

Whilst there are some similarities to Disgusting in bits and places, Aggressive is a huge sophomore success for Beartooth, where Disgusting lacked, Aggressive thrives, and pushes Beartooth into uncharted territory, territory they will likely tear up, dominate and make their own.   [9.5/10]

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