Meshiaak Release Details for Debut Album

Metal ‘super-group’ Meshiaak have released the details for their debut album Alliance of Thieves. Fans will be able to purchase the album from 19th August. However you can listen to track, Chronicles of The Dead from the upcoming album now.

Guitarist and vocalist Danny Camilleri said: “I’m all about being able to feel music, not just listen to it. That’s what has been so cool about this whole thing—the fact that I can feel something in each song really just blows me away and leaves me with a sense of satisfaction unlike I’ve had in any of my previous work.

“All of the music and songs on this album basically span the last three years of my life. Some of them demonstrate a little more in depth than others. It really is a very personal album for me and somewhat therapeutic. To say that music has saved my life is a total understatement. I wore my heart on my sleeve in some of these tracks and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Writing and tracking this album really gave me strength and purpose at the times I needed it most.”

You can listen to Chronicles of The Dead here and watch the video for track, Drowning, Fading, Falling below. Also see the track listing for Alliance of Thieves below.


1.       Chronicles of the Dead

2.       It Burns at Both Ends

3.       I Am Among You

4.       Drowning, Fading, Falling

5.       At the Edge of the World

6.       Last Breath Taken

7.       Maniacal

8.       Alliance of Thieves

9.       Death of an Anthem