Almah announce new album ‘E.V.O’

Brazzilian metallers Almah have announced the details for their new upcoming album E.V.O. The album will be released on 23rd September. The band are fronted by ex Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi and E.V.O has a direct connection with Angra’s album Rebirth. 

E.V.O is a concept album based on the evolution of people’s mind and soul during the so-called ‘age of aquarius’. It will be Almah’s fifth studio album.

The vocal’s in the album will remain as powerful as ever however have a higher pitch than any of Almah’s previous records. The compositions will range from contemporary rock to modern power to progressive metal.

You can see the artwork and track-listing for the album below.

Almah EVO

1 – Age of Aquarius (7:13)
2 – Speranza (4:55)
3 – The Brotherhood (4:41)
4 – Innocence (4:35)
5 – Higher (5:09)
6 – Infatuated (4:05)
7 – Pleased To Meet You (4:24)
8 – Final Warning (4:13)
9 – Indigo (3:46)
10 – Corporate War (4:19)
11 – Capital Punishment (4:00)