Nightlife – Salt & Acid [REVIEW]

It’s time to bring the alternative rock vibes back into your lives with a small splash of punk for good measure! Hailing from London, Nightlife are looking to show off more of their catchy and gritty style with the new album ‘Salt & Acid’ set to make a few more waves for the group.

Opening up the record with some bouncy riffs that sound just as big as some Foo Fighters produces, ‘Left Alone’ is a perfect way to kick off the record with something light hearted in its structure and just easing you in. The guitars come through as really crisp and surround the entire sound really strongly and works really well with the drum patterns in ‘Purgatory’ with its concise note hits working together to create something punchy and bouncy. The vocals are a strong showcase of their key and tone, especially when the harmonies come in. They can somewhat feel a bit out of place with the ‘woah-oh-oh’ section, but overall they provide a really nice depth to the track.

With the album being 11 tracks deep, as you delve into the record more you can see small bits of creativity makes its rounds through the veins of the record. Tracks like ‘Dilute’ definitely encompass more of the punk influence in their writing with the guitar/drum writing, whereas the vocals still push the alternative rock sound strong and proud. Another great song on the instrumentation end is ‘Broken Man’, pushing more of that influence stated earlier, there are a few more little nuances flying through the record and make this another enjoyable and jumpy listen.

The album does its best to diversify its product and keep your attention a little bit more. The track ‘Wholesome’ is one of the highlights of the entire record with its switch ups in the song that makes it feel a bit pop punk-esque in elements and having a small resemblance to Decade. Whilst it does keep your attention that small bit, there are bits in the album that feel a bit dragging and after a while of hearing what the band bring, it can feel a bit tedious going through. One song that doesn’t do that is the penultimate song ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’ that gives the album another push up to the stars with its guitar work once again being the forefront of enjoyment for the release.

With alternative rock being a very expanded genre, what Nightlife has done has given you the best of these worlds and create it into something that is pretty enjoyable. Whilst there are moments you feel like skipping forward for, the band hit some strong points and are definitely showing more capabilities with this new release.


Kilkovec – Plunge (EP)

Kilkovec are a Hampshire trio, fresh off touring with luminaries like The Red Jump Suit Apparatus and Flood of Red. They have built a reputation on carving out grungy Alt-rock and as of late their EP, Name Your Place, received impressive reviews from the likes of Punktastic and even radio personality Edith Bowman. After such glowing feedback and underground buzz, a band will either pole vault to that most sought after next level, or in no uncertain terms, the pole breaks and they land face down in the dirt. Plunge is an ambitious record, drawing from both US and UK indie sounds but never losing sight of its aim ; to pen energetic, memorable rock music.

If opening track Plunge is the paranoia-induced build up to the storm, then first track-proper Change is the slow-mo assessment of the destruction caused- its panoramic Smashing Pumpkins-like riffs shifting into an equally massive vocal refrain. Vocalist Daniel Wilson delivers impressive vocal performances throughout the EP, giving the record a quintessentially British feel, while incorporating Brand New and latter-day Biffy Clyro influences into the melting pot. Elsewhere Just Get Better hurtles along at breakneck speed and delivers a chorus as strong as any you will hear this year – while Here’s To You, with it’s cool guitar lines and earnest lyrics, is reminiscent of Canadian punks Carpenter.

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The Bottom Line announce a whole bunch of things!

Man, if you really like The Bottom Line, then you will definitely be a fan of all things in this announcement. Lets round it off;

They have a new music video/song out called ‘Pull Me Out
They have a new EP coming out next year titled ‘I Still Hate You
They have announced a headliner tour for next year, featuring a EP release show in London!

Think you can swallow that? Good. Check out the new track and the dates below.

Monday 9th – The Garage (Attic), Glasgow
Tuesday 10th – Bodega, Nottingham
Wednesday 11th – Sound Control, Manchester
Thursday 12th –  Camden Assembly, London (EP Launch show)
Friday 13th – The Exchange, Bristol
Sunday 15th –  Joiners, Southampton

Homebound release new song ‘Headspace’

Pop punk in the UK has been on a resurgence recently with a lot of bands releasing songs and announcing EP/Albums as well. The same can be said for Homebound who have released their latest track ‘Headspace‘ into the world. This also coincides with their EP announcement ‘The Mould You Build Yourself Around‘ which will see its release soon. In the meantime, check out the new single below!